Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 154: More waterproofing

Some more waterproofing - at least I think that's what all this blue stuff is.

Around the ensuite bathtub. Colour actually looks quite nice!

And also in the bathroom around the shower & bathtub. If you look at the shower base, you can see a little white lip, but this should be hidden by the floor tiles.

Trying to organise a meetup onsite with our SS for next week, as according to MyMetricon, we're meant to be finished the fixing stage on 31.5.10 - and then we're onto the final stage! Though what we are trying to find out at the next meeting is what's happening regarding our independent inspection items, as they really need to be fixed before any further work is done in the next stage. We've paid all our stage invoices on time up to now as progress has been OK, but the fixing stage invoice for 20% won't be paid unless we're happy with how the issues identified so far will be rectified. They're not particularly difficult to fix, but not much has been about them as far as we know!


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