Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 149: Stairs delivered

A nice present for the house - the delivery of our expensive upgraded stairs!

Looks like the stairs are prefabricated in the factory, then installed on site. Made by Slattery & Acquroff - our design is the upgraded Contemporary 17.

These are the KDHW treads - Kiln Dried Hard Wood. They're raw finish, and after handover we'll get them stained to match the front & rear timber doors. They look stunning in display homes - although having this paricular stair design means no understairs storage area :(. Though maybe in the future (if we need the extra storage) we can figure out a way to add a small access hatch to this small understairs area - not really a big deal right now, as there's huge amounts of storage elsewhere!

The handwriting above this sign refers to Item 17 on our independent inspectors report - there's a noggin missing between the studs behind this area of plaster. Glad to see our SS is taking on board the items from our report and getting them noted for fixing!

We got a new building CSC, Laelle - so far she's been more useful than the other CSCs (admittedly we've not had to contact any of the CSCs in the past), as she was able to forward us some interesting construction detail diagrams - thinking of printing & framing them up for some quick decorations when the house is done!



  1. Guys how much did the upgade cost for those stairs? They look great. Did you do it at contract stage or as a Variation?

  2. ooo... expensive they were, added at preliminary contract. About $6500 for the cantilevered KDHM stairs and another 1000 for stainless steel balusters!

  3. I got quoted around $9500 for the very same stairs for the whittaker. I refused to go with that and stick with the KDHM stairs.



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