Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 133: Roof tilers repairing damage

Went by after lunch to find a roof tiler working hard, throwing out broken tiles all over the backyard.

After running a few errands, came back a couple of hours later when it started pouring rain - a good chance to check there were no leaks!

Looking out over the ground floor roof, can see all the broken tiles have been replaced, with a small pile of tiles for later? The broken roof pointing has also been replaced but not cemented into place.

And some detail of the garage roof trusses. The garage wall is 150mm off the boundary, which means a regular gutter will fit and be right on the boundary, so no need for a parapet gutter. Will have to get the side fence put back after this roof is done - 4 sections of fence were removed, and 2 were destroyed during the site scrape, so we'll have to pay for some new sections of fence, hopefully not too expensive!


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