Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 137: Balcony tiles discontinued - new one chosen

We had our colours selection waaaay back in 2009, August or September? Anyway Tina got a call yesterday from Beaumont Tiles saying the manufacturer of the exterior balcony tiles (Eureka Tiles) had shut down production, and we had to come in to choose new ones.

In a way this was good for us - because at the tile selection appointment, there were only about 4 or 5 tiles to choose from for exterior tiles, and they were all pretty bad, and we chose the one that was the least bad of the lot, it was some horrible shade of brown or something, amongst the 5 horrible shades of brown available.

Anyway, getting into Beaumont's today we were happy to see there were now about a dozen tiles to choose from for the balcony, and there were 3-4 ones that suited our grey/white neutral scheme. Ultimately we picked the Luxe Anthracite exterior tile - they also make an interior tile that was our second choice for wet areas.

So if you're building with Metricon in Victoria and haven't had your balcony tiled yet, expect to get a call in for a reselection soon!


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