Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 135: Insulated! Phone Connected!

We've had all the insulation for walls & roof installed, which is a great thing - means that as soon as our inspector gives the all clear at next Monday's inspection, the plaster can start going up pretty much immediately!

Sitting room. Insulation looks very neatly installed, cut to size, no gaps - eexcept for the bottom right hand corner, where the insulation has been cut out for a powerpoint socket.

Upstairs leisure area. The insulation in the walls are just held in place by friction, but for the roof there is yellow tape stapled to the trusses. Heating ducts poke through.

One potential problem: there is meant to be a manhole door in Bed 4 robes (above picture), to access the roof space over the ground floor; but there are no noggins or cutout for the access door. Must mention this to Monique before plaster goes up!

Also looks like Telstra came around today (or yesterday?) and hooked up our phone line underground. We haven't had a landline in 5 years, but I guess it's useful to have. Plus we haven't decided on ADSL or cable internet yet, so it's good to have that choice.

As usual, it's always a good day to find something's been done - every little bit of work is a step closer to having our house complete!


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