Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 150: Stairs installed! Kitchen, vanities, sinks, doors, skirting/architraves delivered!

Wow, what a day of activity at the house! I didn't get to go due to work, but Tina got to catch all the action today.

A couple of guys from Slattery & Acquroff installed our stairs today. I was always a bit unsure about these stairs - big upgrade from the standard stairs, but looking at them now, they're worth every cent! Will get brighter photos of the finished product tomorrow. The great thing is that because of their slim design, they make the corridor adjacent to the stairs feel even bigger, and the cantilevered projection of the stairs makes them a real feature that you can just see from the front door too. LOVE them!

Also a whole bunch of big internal doors delivered - Tina thinks we may be one short, as for some reason our internal access door is a standard flush door and not a Balmoral-2 design like we've specified for all doors. Also the door frames and fittings also delivered. Not everyone likes the Balmoral-2 design (small panel on the bottom, large panel up top) but they're a major feature for our house, love them!

And our family room is absolutely packed full of cabinetry - we've got a whole bunch of kitchen cabinets, plus all the vanities and laundry bench here waiting to go in. Exciting! Also some skirting/architrave delivered today, and a manhole cover. Woo!

And also the laundry sink (Clarke), and the Caroma Liano basins. We've decided to have inset sinks everywhere except for the powder room, which gets a semi-recessed sink. Looks nice, but you get a lot less bench space - so only suitable for the powder room.

Very happy to see so much activity going on of course - it's really starting to feel like our house now that the internal selection items have arrived, and will be exciting to see how they look!



  1. tim
    r u staining the stairs yourself? Like to see how you go with it.

  2. I believe they have to do it them self or hire someone to do it for them after hand over. That's what metricon told me about my whittaker. Jeuno.

  3. Tim,

    I think the independent inspection is abit of a waste, at least that's what happened to us. I couldn't take time off so my wife had to go to the house (we are building one now with Metricon). We use the same guy you recommended Alex but our SS didn't show up he made some excuses about going to the office on the day etc. Then when the report came through with 18 different defects need fixing our SS said they are very minor and mundane and nothing need to be looked at. We ARE EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED as we are novices to building our home and have no clue so basically the money we spent on that guy Alex is a complete waste. Had our SS being on site the day that guy Alex came around we could have some issues resolved as now the SS says that he doesn't understand what our inspector is on about :(((((

    Horrible experience and confused couple :(



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