Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 140: Plastering, Day 2! Plus a bonus... walkthrough video!

After receiving the report from Alex last night, decided to give Monique a call in the morning. She hadn't received the report, so I emailed it to her and Julie, our construction CSC, as well as a request for the bracing diagram - which to Metricon's credit, we received a few hours later.

Anyway, we're pretty happy at how Monique says she'll handle the issues raised; some of the plaster has been left off where changes need to be done, and where the toilet plumbing cuts through a truss, the carpenters will cut out plaster and repair, get a few photos taken then replaster. Sounds good to us!

So here's a few photos from Day 2 of plastering - pretty much all complete (except cornices), and the joins in the plaster and screwholes have mostly been plastered over.

Many people have reported their houses feel bigger after plastering; we're not in agreement with that! The open plan area (kitchen, living and dining) definitely feels bigger after plastering - it brings out the 2.7m ceilings well, and we're looknig forward to spending many lazy evenings here! But the minor bedrooms do feel a little smaller after plaster, but then again it was getting late in the afternoon with not much light, so we'll see how it feels in broad daylight.

Home theatre room, south facing window looking out the the backyard on the left, then another window facing west, but shaded by the outdoor room on the right. These are double glazed awning windows (which are standard in the rumpus room only), so hopefully with the home theatre cranked up, there won't be too much sound leakage to annoy the neighbours! There's also sound insulation (acoustitherm) to all walls in the home theatre room. We were thinking of doing double glazed to all windows, but think we'll put them few extra thousands towards the mortgage first.

Upstairs. On the left is Bed 4, then a linen cupboard. Then an open doorway in the centre, with the toilet just to the right of it. Then another open doorway to Bed 3, and Bed 2 around the right corner.

Apparently, our beautiful (and expensive!) upgraded stairs might be in as soon as next week - and the kitchen is soon on the way! Hopefully the issues raised at inspection will be corrected prior to much other work is done too. So far Monique's been great at scheduling tradies, and we're hoping she's good at getting them back in to correct things too!

Now the countdown is really on towards finishing... took us months to get to a site start with all issues with easements and powerlines, but it's almost like the end is in sight!

And finally - because we've managed to hit the magic mark of 50 followers (if you want updates on our blogs and you're not a "follower", click on the follow button on the right column to get updates!)... I recorded a little video on Tina's ipod nano of a walkthrough, until the nano ran out of space. Enjoy!


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  1. Aweeesome!!! especially the video part hahaaha nice work!

    Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words... a video are worth a million words to me.



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