Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 136: Roof tiles for garage delivered

Today, a delivery of nearly 2 pallets of roof tiles for the garage roof, as well as the timber tile trusses.

MyMetricon has also had a little update, with the plaster scheduled to be completed by 21.5.10; two weeks from today. That'd be nice!



  1. Hi Tim and Tina,
    We have just decided to build with Metricon the Nolan 50 Chateau in Doncaster East. Since we are novices at this, I have found your blogs to be very useful...thanks!

    I just want to know if having evap cooling to just the first floor will be sufficient to cool downstairs as well? Your input will be greatly appreciated! Regards, Jennifer

  2. Hi Jennifer... nice, Doncaster East is only a couple of km from our build.

    As for cooling, have a look at Day 86 for information & discussion on cooling!



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