Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 134: Balcony render commenced

Balcony render was started today - didn't see that coming!

However, for the eagle-eyed readers, you might want to take a close look at the bottom of the balcony pillar on the left, and you might spot where a brick was removed about 4 courses from the bottom. So the render has been started, but this brick is missing... wonder when someone will get around to fixing that? Unless, for some strange reason, we're meant to have a brick missing... I guess it won't be too hard or affect the final render for that brick to be replaced before much more rendering is done - but still, would've made sense to fix that before render even started.

Now, the main question still on our minds is - how long from lockup to completion can we expect? Still juggling a few housesitting appointments for the next few months, but we don't want to be housesitting if our house is complete! The MyMetricon website isn't much help, since it's updated pretty slowly and inaccurately - apparently, according to MyMetricon, our roof frame hasn't been started - and the bricks, roof, gutter & fascia also haven't been started. However, to my (admittedly untrained) eye, I reckon we're well past that stage!

For those of you reading who are towards the end of the build process, how long after lockup stage did it take you to get to PCI/handover?



  1. Looks like great progress. We will be starting in July. Does Metricon allow you to prepare the site(cut and fill) yourself? I have a friend that does it for a living and it will cost half of what metricon will charge.

  2. No they wont Dogan. Only their contactors are allowed to do the work. I asked this before we started to build as my brothers are tradies

  3. Hi Tim/Tina,

    That's great that your inspector picked up those points before you pay your invoice, didn't you wait paying until things are fixed ? I also wouldn't tell them to proceed further until these issues are rectified. Do you think it's worth to have a frame inspection even before bricking is done so that earlier issues can be picked up and fixed ? Anyways, good luck and please keep us all posted !




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