Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still in New Zealand!

Yeah, we're not back in Australia yet, but enjoying the wonderful scenery and activities in NZ. We boated around the Bay of Islands with heaps of dolphins, did some parasailing above Paihia, smelt the smelly stuff in Rotorua etc etc.

Right now in Taupo with a bit of downtime, sitting in a very slow internet place next to Lake Taupo with a view of Mt Ruapehu in the background - fantastic! Checked MyMetricon and apparently our "Base Commenced" item is due on 28.1.2010. Not sure what this means - is this the start of plumbing etc for the base, or the day of the actual base pour? I think the tradies are meant to be on site next week, so we'll find out then.

Also, for those who keep a check on the Metricon website, looks like there's a new promotion out - the "Allure" for $4950. It's a pretty good deal, as one of the inclusions is a 4 panel timber bifold worth a fortune (we got a timber bipart in our promo) and big door handle to the entry door (which cost us $450 or so). Other things which are different to our promo is a small carpet allowance, ceasarstone to laundry and all the other wet area benches, tiles bases to all showers. Basically, what I've found is that this is the third different promo package since we signed up to Metricon - there's ALWAYS a promo package available, and they seem to get a tiny bit more expensive each time (about $500 more every 6 months) but they do include some pretty good things, definitely worth more than the small price increase. You'd be mad not to get one of these promo packages if you're signing up now with M!

Of course there's a catch, you can only get this promo if you leave your deposit after 9.1.2010. I would have loved to have had this promo at the time we signed up to our house, but that's life!

We're back in Australia this Saturday night, and housesitting an almost-new mansion in
Camberwell from Sunday - ahhh, that's the life!

Renee&Tom; had a look at your blog - we (I mean - I) wanted Zinc bricks too, but they do cost $$$! If you get the brick list from Austral, there should be a few in Glen Waverly, and there was one by Hometec with zinc bricks, looks fantastic! Also the Hometec display in Lyndhurst also use Zinc to very good effect. I'm jealous... but then again, love our Hawthorn bricks!

And finally, no pictures of house, but here's a pic of me coming down to earth after jumping out of a plane at 15000ft over Lake Taupo. highly recommended!!


  1. Hi Tim & Tina

    Surprised to see you post on holiday - great shot of you Tim jumping out of the plane (nice to see brave fearless people, I won't even do the Sydney Bridge Climb!)

    We're still sorting out our brick dilemma, and thanks again for your help. Might go Hawthorn slimline throughout, not sure.

  2. Hi T&T, it is anonymous here (B&T from Bentleigh). I am impressed you are blogging even whilst on holidays. We have finally finished our color appointment last week and are stilllll waiting on locking in our tile and home theatre sorry I should say electrical appointment. The communication from M is very disappointing (many calls/emails to get simple answers. I am really keen to see how you go with the cabling as I want to do the HDMI thing myself before lock up.

    I hear from reading other blogs that getting floors done else where rather through M causes issue (ie they glue the skirts down and will not let your floor people on until handover). I was wondering if M give you any wish list of electicals, so you can pre plan before the appointment? All the best B&T



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