Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 26? Meter box and pegout.

Got back from NZ last night, drove by the site this afternoon (Sunday) - found out that we now have a meter box erected and connected to the underground powerpit, as well as a whole bunch of pegs outlining where the slab will go - I think?

So it looks like hopefully we'll be getting some preparation work done this week and maybe a slab next week!

Also got a letter from Metricon - we have a new construction CSC now... perhaps the other one left? No big deal. Also a letter from our neighbour about replacing the rotten rear fence - while we were in NZ she had a sundeck erected over her rear deck, you can just see it in the above photo - and the rear section of fence is just rotten and vine infested. The quote is for about $1300, I had an earlier quote of about $1000 but after many calls to the fencer he never got back to giving me a written quote, so I'll give him one more shot - otherwise we'll just go with the quote from the neighbour.

B&T: Most builders won't allow non-builder tradespeople on site, from what I've heard. Even if you get flooring done through M, they fix the skirting, lay flooring (eg timber floor) and add quad to cover expansion gaps, I don't think they hide expansion gaps with skirting - certainly in all their display homes timber floors have quad. You could always ask for M to not fix the skirting in place if you really don't want quad on a floating floor? They'll also email you an electrical document before the electrical appointment with prices and pics of the fittings available so you can plan your electrical layout, best to start working on that now!



  1. Hi T&T, welcome home. Firstly that was a crazy shot of you in the air. Looks like you were having fun. Secondly you raised a very interesting point about not getting access for the floors. We're trying to make the decision about the flooring at the moment... hard wood vs floating - do we really want to take off all the skirtings and then put them all back on, bog them all and then re paint? Then there will be the problem with the carpet room levels not matching up with the timber rooms. All seems too hard so I can see why perhaps going down the dowling route isn't a bad idea. Any ideas to make this easier? The pegout normally shows a marking like 2M to Lounge or 1M to garage wall, so the pegout is normally a bit larger than the actual slab.

  2. T&T,

    Cheers for the info. I must say I am enjoying the website. I am guessing the M charge for setting up a 7.1 room with speaker cable is going to be very expensive. thank you for your help to date.



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