Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 13: Back to work on the house; toilet and cage delivered

No doubt people who decide to build a house are perhaps the craziest people of all - especially those who decide to blog, or join homeone forums, or whatever. Because who else would drive up to a bare block of land (except for the weeds and miscellaneous rubbish) and find their heart racing at the sight of a temporary toilet and wire cage for rubbish?

I don't think this really signifies the restart of building works for 2010 though, as it's a separate subcontractor's job to deliver the toilet & rubbish cage. In a way, I don't want too much done before Jan 18, as we're off on a short trip to NZ this week, and I don't want to miss any further exciting developments - such as a fabulous trench for plumbing, or a once-in-a-lifetime meter box erection.

Ha, I wrote erection in a blog, and (almost) didn't laugh [cue Peter Griffin "heh heh heh heh...]

Hope everyone is all worked up about the restart of building activities for 2010 though - this should be a great year!

And for a final bonus pic, yesterday we went to the Metricon Keysborough display centre to check out the new double storey design the Sycamore. 45sq, all bedroom have ensuites, about $330,000 with Contemporary facade finish. Didn't appeal to us (too many ensuites and not enough home theatres - ie no home theatre!) but I thought the Fairhaven 33 display home had a great floorplan for a single storey house.

This pic is of the living area of the Lindrum 58 - a truly massive house, with a massive pricetag on upgrades on everything! Beautiful clean and modern lines - a monochrome colour pallete gives an ultramodern look to this living area. Great for a display home, but as a house for living, probably needs a bit more color :)

Thanks for everyone who left a comment on the last blog entry, always appreciated :) Sarah V - I wish Metricon Vic worked as fast as in Sydney - but I thin because they build a whole lot more houses in Melb, I doubt we'd have our house in 5 months! Apparently Metricon did about 1800 houses in 2008, not sure how many in 2009, but Australia's largest volume builder anyway. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing - probably a little of both!



  1. I'm just so jealous, Rick took the kids this morning (not at 7 o'clock but nearly ;-) and there was no one there. I took my mum at midday and still no one. So excited for you guys. Love that pic of the display home, but you are right ours would last about 3 minutes looking like that before the kids got choc cake on the couch, our dog put hair all over the rug and I spilt something (I'm a bit of a klutz). Have a great week away.

  2. Happy New Year! Great to see things are slowly progressing with your build - totally understand your excitement. Your comments about the ugly Nolan moose head and green walls made Tom and I laugh! I'm a bit hesitant about sending the Metricon website link to family overseas as the pics on the website don't do the home justice!!!



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