Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 36, and...

..and, well nothing really. Tradies took a long weekend off, so no work done Monday or today. MyMetricon still says "slab started 3.2.10", so we're hoping to see a bit of activity in preparation for the slab works.

Anyway, we're housesitting for my aunt in Camberwell while they're on holidays, so we've been having a wonderful time in their 65sq+ mansion, which was built by my other uncle who is a custom builder. Here's some pics with commentary - things you might consider including in your new home build (or not?)

3m ceilings ground and first floor, various drop bulkheads, custom laid parquetry, elaborate skirtings and cornices. The columns (and curtains) are pretty traditional, but suit this style of house (French Provincial). We've been staying in the guest room, and it's just too huge - just about bigger than the master suite we're building! I'm liking the king size bed though, trying to talk Tina into a new king bed for the new house!

Nice big open plan casual dining and family room, with big paved and decked outdoor areas. Gas fire under the tv. Except I can't figure out how to open the timber bifolds - I don't have the key! One minor commentary about this huge house - I figure the distance from the master bedroom is about 20m along the hallway, down a flight of stairs, and another 10m to the kitchen - that's quite a walk!

And finally, my favourite room - a totally decked out home theatre room, C-Bus automation including lighting and blinds, a sparkly ceiling, top of the line equipment - I've been watching 1-2 movies a day after work in here! My only criticism is that the screen could be a bit bigger.

Staying in this first class house is a bit risky, as it raises expectations a little! But our house will be our house, and nothing can top that! We also went to Highpoint to watch Avatar the other day (overhyped much?), and there's a Natuzzi furniture place there and it had some great sofas there, but with huge Italian pricetags to match - $5000 for a two seater recliner?? If anyone has any recommendations for good, well-built modern furniture at reasonable prices, please let us know! I like slimline, sleek, modern furniture - some of the usual "3 seater + 2 recliner" packages out there are comfortable enough, but just look too huge and puffy!

*sigh* is it too much to ask for building to continue 24 hours a day on our house? I always thought we'd be pretty laid back about the build time - but now impatience is starting to win through!


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