Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Now this is what pisses me off - I spent 5 minutes writing a rant about how the government is wasting $1,350,000,000 of taxpayers money on a rubbish ticketing system that doesn't work, and it disappeared from my screen! Believe me, it was a well written and very pointed piece about corruption in Australian politics, but I can't recreate it now. Bah. Google, fix Blogger!!

Anyway, the point was, Happy New Year or something like that; and because this blog is about building houses not bitching about politicians (they rise to the top, like a decomposing body after a week in a stream), here's a couple of Metricon Nolan related posts for your continued enjoyment.

Remember this Nolan I was writing about, in Dec 09?

I was reading through the Section32s (which I had ingeniously photographed using my iPhone), and the build permit for this Nolan was only approved in mid-April 2009. And seeing as it was all wrapped up and sold by December 19, that puts the build time at approximately 8 months, which is a lot better than our quoted 370 days! Now I'm not trying to get our hopes up - if our Nolan could be done in 8 months (ie Aug 2010) that would be beyond awesome! But like I said before, not getting our hopes up.

To finish off this New Years' Day blog post, I found that someone put a video on Youtube walking through the original Nolan display home in Point Cook, which shut down I think end of 2008? This is the ugly Nolan that features on the M website, complete with moose head and horrible green walls everywhere. Anyway, we didn't get to walk through this Nolan (there's a new big Nolon display house in Point Cook, but it's one that has the usual $200,000 worth of options including ensuites to every room). Click on the vid below - enjoy!



  1. Happy New Year. I am in full agreement with you about the WASTED Taxpayers money on MYKI, and your comments on politicians. Bitch on my friend. No complaints here. Enjoying the blog.


  2. Happy New Year Tim and Tina.

    Good luck with the build.


  3. Hi Tim and Tina, was funny to see the you tube video - the colours look worse than the photos on their website which is hard to believe that is possible. But my husband and I love the Nolan. If you are ever in sydney there is a great Nolan 45 on display at The Ponds / Kellyville Ridge. It has great colours, very similar layout with the ensuites everywhere. I think they have a few shots of it on the website now when you go to NSW website. Our block just didn't suit the shape of the house unfortunately. Hopefully they will be a lot quicker than 370 days. In Sydney for new areas you have an 8 mth contract time, but a lot of the 2 storey ones are being built in 4 1/2 months. Some in our area started in August and were completed so people could move in by Christmas. Good luck. Sarah.

  4. Sarah V,

    I wished Victoria could have the 4 1/2 month build. Jealous



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