Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 29: Concrete piers completed

No work done these last few days, but this afternoon we found a big mound of this...

which was probably used in the construction of these things...

Yup, we've been piered! A whole bunch of concrete piers drilled down into the earth, to help stabilise the soil under the slab.

Plus a small little trench dug in the back end of the slab, I'm thinking for stormwater piping?

Hopefully this means things are on track for a slab on the 28th, so we're hoping for more piping work to be done between now and then.

Also contacted our new CSC who forwarded us the official "site start" letter. Apparently our contract completion date is Dec 29, 2010. We're hoping to be in many months earlier!

And to reply to some earlier blog comments...

SarahV: we haven't fully decided on our flooring yet, but will probably be carpet to upstairs & HT room, with timber floors or laminate flooring to the rest of downstairs. We're happy enough to go with quad edging, there are "transitional" pieces available to connect between timber floors to tiles or carpet, or any other flooring of different height. Flooring can be done after handover without too much problems, and we won't do it immediately anyway as $$$ might be starting to get a little tight!

If you want the flooring installed without quad, maybe ask your SS to have the skirting painted but not fitted, may make things easier for flooring after?

B&T: check the links on the side of this blog, as there should be a link to the "metricon universal info" page on homeone that I started, should have more prices on electrical items there too! Also don't forget that if you're building a single storey house, it's relatively easy to wire in speakers through the walls after handover, slightly more difficult if you're building a double storey house with a room above. I've been trying to settle on my HT room design for ages now, I'll probably get a rebuild of the HT room after handover anyway to get it the way I like!



  1. Hi T&T. Re trench are you having an outdoor room? When they dug our piers they also dug a trench between the piers of the outdoor room. This was then filled with rio and then poured with concrete at the same time of the slab pour to make the piers of the outdoor room more stable. Thanks for the suggestion re flooring, i've been googling these connectors all night :-) Dear hubby has been watching you tube "how to lay a floating floor" movies all night. No we do not have a life outside our new house ;-)

  2. G'day guys,

    i see you found my blog. will watch yours with interest having been in a similar position. I find it strange that your official contract is 1 year. I know with my builder they have 270 days as the absolute max with 210 days being the normal build time, 30 days for Xmas and another 30 days allowance for delays such as weather, supplier delays etc.

    if you feel the urge - drop me a note.


  3. Hi Guys

    I asked a while ago for the name of your Demo people. Who were they? And was Metricon happy with their work? How long after you Demo did Metricon give the OK to start?

    Also, my CSC told me that they'll take about 20 weeks to build ours from start date even though the contract says about 300 days.




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