Thursday, July 30, 2009

Preliminary Contract booked!

It's great to know other people with the Nolan, or planning to build the Nolan are following this blog, as it's a brilliant way to bounce ideas around and keep track of how things should flow!

Many thanks to "Anonymous" who posted their floorplan earlier with the laundry modification, which is now something we're definitely integrating with our Nolan too! We were considering it before putting the deposit down, but until seeing it in a floorplan we couldn't visualise it that well!

What I've done is stripped back my Sketchup diagram to a basic floorplan, and this is what our floorplan may be like, for tonight at least! Click on the picture for a bigger one.

It probably makes the most sense to those who have the "official" Nolan floorplan - so if you don't have one, here's an example (this image property of Metricon Homes)

For those who haven't seen this floorplan, it suited us almost perfectly. The sitting room is being converted to my home office, as I run a business from home part time, and the downstairs study with be Tina's study. The rumpus room is our home theatre room - hooray! The master suite will get a walk-in alcove behind the bedhead, and the minor bedrooms and bathroom left essentially standard for future family upgrades :)

This section of the blog post is dedicated to Michelle, who added a comment in our last post that she's at virtually the same stage at us, leaving her deposit the day after us. Guess what.. we also got a call, from Mendo at Metricon HQ, and we've got a date to start with the preliminary contract - August 18!

Mendo seems very helpful which we're happy about, and was able to help us out on some of our uncertainties - for example:
  • Structural changes we want to make can be submitted at this preliminary contract meeting
  • Site costs will be detailed - our survey and soil test results are in already!
  • Colour appointment for us will be after prelim contract, probably late Aug to early September (we both work different days and need to plan well ahead)
  • and colour selections can still be changed, even after the "official" colour appointment - I think. Need to get the details on how colours can be changed - would we need a whole new colour appointment, or can we just email changes if it's only a few?
So we're quite excited with how this is progressing - it seems almost "real" now! The hard part is just beginning - mainly colours are going to be the brainbuster to decide.

To finish this post, my "boss" calls me up the other day to congratulate me on being such a great worker, and how would I like a 12.5% pay cut starting September?
Naturally, I told him he was a tosser, and essentially gave him my 4 weeks notice. This won't really derail the build process at all, but it's a pain in the rear!

Tim & Tina

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