Saturday, July 11, 2009

Visualisation tools - sketchup to create house model!, and eventually render a full 3D facade!

So I was thinking, why doesn't M have software that lets you visualise changes to your house, like layout options, colours, facades, floor coverings etc? I started using MVH (an Australian free program) but it was slow and terrible unintuitive, though if you've got no knowledge of CAD software it might be good for you. Anyway, that's free so google "MVH" and you'll find it for a trial.

Many more people recommend Google Sketchup, and while the learning curve is fairly steep, I have a pretty good background in vector design packages so it took half an hour to get to grips.

Anyway, after a couple of nights work, here's the progress so far:

I've seperated the two floors so you can see the room flow and layout, and haven't yet added a roof in. But certainly this is a brilliant tool to visual everything, especially when we come to picking facade/external colours. It's slightly less useful for interior colours as the textures aren't quite right and I don't think there's photo-texturing, but we'll see. You can of course rotate in 3D, change all colours, add/remove furniture and a whole lot more. I've got one problem where I've made a sloping wall in the laundry by accident and can't figure out how to straighten it, but it's a minor issue.

There's also some animation options which I'll research once the layout is fully finalised, and maybe I'll upload it to youtube too! I think I'm finding the 3D modelling more exciting than choosing tile colours right now - which reminds me, later today we'll head out to Beaumont Tiles Oakleigh to see what the standard and upgrade tiles look like.

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