Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nolan structural options

So I've been doing a little bit of extra research on some of the main structural options that we've tentatively put into the quote. Apparently now that our quote has been submitted to M head office, we can't change them through our sales consultant anymore, but will be able to do final additions/subtractions at the preliminary contract stage.

Anyway, stepping back in time a little bit, this is basically how you price up a new house build -

"When you invest your initial $1,000 deposit, Metricon will fix the base price of your home for 150 days. The final cost of your home is the sum of:
  1. the base price of the home type (including facade) you selected;
  2. any applicable site costs to build on your land;
  3. the cost of any variations approved to your home; and
  4. your chosen options and home specification selections."
1) This is a pretty standard approach from the major project home builders. The base price has a certain set of standard inclusions - eg timber frame, roof tiles, walls (duh!), basic kitchen, bathroom, laundry etc, doors, garage door, windows etc.

2) Site costs are probably most new builders greatest fears, as there's a lot of uncertainties in site costs. In a perfect world, your block of land is ideal for building your selected house and site costs are $0 extra. For our block, or consultant has put in a figure of $30,000 provisional costs because of many factors, including:
  • We're knocking down an established house, so the site will most likely be a "P" class
  • We're in an established area, so access to the site is a bit harder
  • We have an easement at the back of the property as most land sites do, but we have an additional easement along the side of the property which we'll probably need a whole bunch of piers to avoid encroaching upon
And in a comment from one reader of this blog, due to being in a flood prone area, their site costs are estimated at $45,000. Not knowing much about flood areas, I'd imagine there's some provision for having the habitable floor level above the flood risk level, plus much reinforcement/foundation for the slab?

3 & 4) I'm not sure what the difference is between variations and options/specifications, but both will cost your some money!

Lately I've been thinking about some of the structural options we've chosen, mainly reasearching Colorbond roofing and eaves.

Colorbond on our house is approx $3000 more for the Colorbond, $1,600 for the sarking underneath. While I love the zero maintenance aspect of colorbond, Tina likes tiles as I've mentioned in a previous post, and here is where we could save $4000 or so. We'll probably talk it over more later, but I'm happy to have tiles now, I think! Plus the new houses in our street (the Porter Davis design across the road, and the Ashford home 3 doors down) both have tiled roofs.

I've also mentioned big eaves to our sales consultant, and she's put in 600mm eaves all around the first floor as an upgrade, which is about $3,300 additional. The standard plan has 450mm eaves to the front half of the first floor. I've been researching lately, and since the front of the house is facing north, eaves to the north give the most benefit compared to eaves all around - so potentially this is another area we could save some money in.

By dropping the colorbond roof, and having the standard eaves, save $7,500 or so? Mmmm... decisions to be made! Comments anyone?

I'd also be quite interested to hear about other people's experience with timelines since leaving their deposit - eg how long did it take to hear back from M about colour and electrical appointments, and how long until the prelim contract appointment?

Thanks for reading!



  1. Hi Tim

    We are also in a similar situation waiting to find out costings to build the Nolan 41. I noticed in an earlier post that you are upgrading your ensuite ($5500). We weren't told about an upgrade...could you please let us know what it includes. Thank you

  2. Hi Tim,
    We are at the final stages (2 weeks to go) of building Nolan 45.
    This whole process has taken just over 15 months from when we signed and handed over our inital $1000.00. We have made many changes to the original design to suit our needs eg: we have put ensuites and walk in robes to bedrooms 3 & 4 (as we have older children), and have also changed to laundry. eg: laundry entrance is not through Bulters pantry but around off poweder room area, by doing this, it has allowed me to put a huge walk in linen cupboard in the laundry.

    Our experience with Metricon has been relativley good overall. There has been no major dramas, and for a big builder, I have been very impressed. Luckily, we have been assigned a fantastic supervisor who has been 100% on the ball, and has addressed any issues immediatley, and has made the building process very stress free!
    I have been so impressed with the quality of workmanship so far.
    Our house has come together well, with all our looks fantastic!
    I am so happy with all my colour selections.

    TIP: Make sure you know what you want. I had very specific ideas as I had done lots of research.
    When you have your selection meeting at 501...go prepared!
    There will be lots of tooing and froing, but its worth it in the end!
    Happy to give more info if you need

  3. Hi Anonymous #1 - see the latest blog post for the ensuite thing!

    Hi Anonymous #2 - Thanks for the feedback regarding your nolan! Don't suppose you've put pics of your colour selections anywhere? We're probably going for a dark brick with lighter cladding and render, and neutrals for the interior, but no firm choices yet. Also, were there any problems in relocating the laundry entrance, and what was the rough price for this variation? Thanks! Tim

  4. Hi Annonymous

    We are in intial discussions with Metricon in regards to building the Nolan 45. I am very interested in your laundry option of having acess via powder room and having a walk in linen.

    would it be possible that could post copy of your laundry floorplan on this site .




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