Monday, July 13, 2009

Another house 3D; full facade!

Spent some time last night working on an external model of the house so it'll help us choose brick and cladding colour etc.

One thing we're not sure on is the roof: concrete tiles, terracotta, or colorbond? There's so much info out there about relative lifespan, maintenance, weight etc, but ultimately Tina says she doesn't like the look of COlorbond as it looks like an old shed - can't really argue with that! I do like the fact that they're low maintenance, but then again the tiles on my parents house have been there 25 odd years without any problems, really. And tiles probably do look nicer, though that's again a matter of opinion.... plus we'd say about $4000 by sticking with tiles instead of paying more for colorbond.

Anyway, here's a pic of my work so far!

The colours aren't finalised, but we're thinking of a darker grey brick, lighter cladding, render and garage door, dark grey aluminium window frames, and maybe a lighter roof? Again, depends on whether we go with tiles or colorbond. Comments welcome!

We did see AInslee again on SUnday to review the quote - prices for houses has gone up about $3000, and the promo package is up $1000, so we're about $4000 better off for leaving the deposit last month - nice! Though some muckups in the quoting system now that the old promo has gone - we still get all the promo inclusions but it doesn't show up individually in our quote which is a little annoying but not a big deal. We've taken out some big ticket items saving a substantial $22,000 or so (!!) but added a few little things back in. Ultimately we need to know site costs when the soil test is done, as that will affect the overall budget.


  1. Is your site classified as CLASS P? how much extra did you end up forking for the class M slab?

    Have you signed the contract yet? How is your expereicne with Metricon so far?

  2. Hi - Our site will probably be a P class as it's a knock down & rebuild site; apparently any rebuild site is automatically a P.

    We've only left a deposit so far, we've had a pretty good sales consultant so far, so now it's just a matter or waiting on M to get back to us for colour and electrical appointments and a site cost estimate.


  3. Good Luck with all that - we're also building a Nolan 41 @ MW.....electrical & color selection this weekend. Contract early August i hope.....

  4. hello:

    We decide to build a Nolan 45 in Bentleigh, and We will have the first appointment in this weekend, and our site cost will around 45000,as it is a flood area,:(

    keep in touch

  5. Wow, this is turning into the Nolan Builders club :) Nice to hear from you guys too, as we're all just starting out in the process! I'll put up a new post tonight about the last quotation appointment we had with our sales consultant in Marriot Waters.

  6. we had our electrical & color selection over the weekend - finally!! electrical ppl were strictly OK but colors selection consultant (Valerine) was very good - she was very helpful, patient and had great sense of color combination - highly recommend to book her if possible. hopefully the contract should come out in 2 weeks time.

  7. SB - thanks for the tip regarding the colour consultant, will try and follow that up! How long did it take you to get these appointments after deposit?

  8. Tim, i had to call and make an appouintment as we're running 2 months behind (due to pricing issues - another story). Our CSC is not that prompt so i call every 2 days to check where we're at. if we need to do anything and book the appointments if necessary.

    FYI....keep everything in writing - very important! learned that the hard way. Also ready every single inclusion in your contract and question them if they charge you down the track during any meetings (happened to me 4 times and counting)

  9. But roughly about 1 month from the deposit and another month or 2 to the actual appointment (could be earlier if ur lucky) - since they are booked out way in advanced. I would recommend to book those appointments way before.



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