Monday, July 6, 2009

Site survey and revised quote!

Got a call from a surveying company today, wondering if they could go and measure up our land.. today - as they had a cancellation! I said sure, why not - the sooner this is done, hopefully the sooner Metricon get the details and can do a geosite presentation for us. I don't think the soil test has been done yet though, so the great uncertainty with site costs is still in existence.

Also received a revised quote (V4) for our house - it's getting very close to ideal now I think, just a few subtractions to make and a few additions as usual. There's a lot of things that we've asked for, that really should be chosen/decided at the colour and electrical appointments, but otherwise Ainslee's doing a good job of reading through our extensive pages of requests and trying to fulfil them all. Hopefully we can tee up a time to see her this weekend to make a few minor changes, then we can more on from there!

It looks like we'll go with the standard L-shaped island bench, but with 40mm stone tops instead of the 20mm stone tops that were in the promotion - a little more expensive of course, but it does look nice! Probably will add it to the powder room too, and maybe even the bathroom if we feel generous :)

What else do we need to look at? There's some confusion in the door department, but I think this will get sorted at the colour appointment, as there's a door choosing section involved there. Might remove the $1200 flyscreen to the bi-part door - seems a little much, and I reckon it's doable later for less (hope i'm not wrong!). Will also remove the built-in cupboards to the sitting room - I'm not sure whether the quote was for what I was thinking of, but $7000 seems a little steep too! Other things like electrical details we'll leave for the electrical appointment.

And for those looking for some musical inspiration, for some reason I'm getting a lot of Australian hip-hop on, with the new Hilltop Hoods album excellent (of course!) and Pegz getting some rotation, as well as Birds of Tokyo; Day One a great set getting some replay value. Been nursing a sore back/neck/arms all day - I think the days of bothering to renovate the old house are over, it's not worth breaking my body over!

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