Thursday, August 6, 2009

Redraw fees for modifying house plan - any comments?

Just got a letter from our CSC today after confirming our colour selection appointment for mid September. One or two things not quite right; mainly the base price of the house is $3000 more than when we left our deposit - the house prices all went up about $3000 2-3 days after we left our deposit, so I'll be sure to correct her on that point. Naturally the general content of the letter was to confirm the dates of the next 2 appointments, and the outline where yet more out of pocket fees would come from - for example
  • underground power pits
  • stormwater connection
  • double handling
  • redraw fees
  • building /council approval

In particular, the item regarding redraw fees got our attention - here's a scan of that page in case anyone wants to check it out;
In fairness, I guess we are planning to make a few structural changes that I don't think are standard options; including:
  • Altered laundry layout (as suggested by one reader of the blog - many thanks!)
  • Revised powder room with WC and sink all together in one room
  • Swap toilet/shower position in ensuite
  • Extra doors - cavity doors to ensuite & sitting room, door to rear open plan area, double doors to rumpus/home theatre
I've already done a big sketchup 3D model of the house, but for floorplan customisation I decided to use Visio to replicate the floorplan as it's much better for a 2D design. Here's our current version of the house with some notes; as usual click for a fullsize plan.

So while the $1000 redraw fee for redrawing the floorplan isn't really surprising, it's another thing I wish our sales consultant had mentioned to us when we first spoke to her.

If anyone has any suggestions regarding our floorplan on how to improve things, please add a comment on this blog and we'll be sure to read it!

Tim & Tina


  1. Hi there Tim and Tina

    We went through the colour appointment last what a whirlwind!! My advice is to be really prepared (as I'm sure you are!!). Take a sample of tiles with you that you like as that helped me a lot! I decided the day after that I didn't like the colours for the facade that were suggested and made the changes over the phone on the Tuesday (I like the colours of the laguna at Craigieburn)!! I had questioned the size of the ensuite shower when we were in the early stages and had to sign a letter acknowledging that they can't copy the Nolan 51! I then questioned it again this week and they have extended the shower size by 30cm which means we lose the space in the wardorbes (which is ok) and the cost was around $850. Have you had confirmation that you can change the shower and toilet around as shown in your suggested plans?? I like it that way as well!!

    Your pre-lim is a few days before ours...good luck!! And lets hope those building costs are VERY low!! We were estimated $25000 but it has ben suggested that it could as high as $40000 as others in our area have been around that much (we're building in Hughesdale)....we'll be really furious if it is that much.

    Any way...keep up your blogs (they're really good!!)

    Cheers Michelle

  2. Oh yeah..I forgot to mention we decided to delete the bath in the bathroon and put in a bigger shower. We moved the vanity over to the shower wall and are utilising the space where the vanity was for a linen cupboard. I like your laundry set up but as we're going the guest room option there isn't enough room for an entrance door to the laundry.

    Just an idea...if you're getting a double fridge/freezer with water dipenser now or in the future...don't forget to put the water inlet/tap thingo to the fridge cavity.

    I think that's it for now!!

    Cheers Michelle

  3. I think the redraw fee only applied if you make changes when or after they draw up your place just before contract. I made some changes before and I have not seen any fees yet.



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