Friday, October 22, 2010

Tim and Tina's first video blog!

So, due to totally underwhelming demand (no-one asked for it!), here's our first video blog entry! Though of course, Tina (my long suffering silent partner in this whole blogging thing that has gone on way longer than intended) refuses to be in the video or say anything. What's that whole thing about hearing your own voice on a video, surely I don't sound like that...

... anyway, here's a short walkthrough of the kitchen area. My video smarts are pretty dull, so it was recorded on an ipod nano, not edited in any way. I tried it on my iPhone but because it records in HD, 2 minutes of video equals 200mb of data which is not feasible on our current wireless internet plan (another reason we need unlimited ADSL!)

Have a peek at our kitchen, and if you're after our special soft closing mechanisms - a little project I've been working on for the last few weeks - stay tuned on this blog for more details on how you can order them too!



  1. Thanks Tim. I would love to see some more of the house with video. ...Yes.I'd also like to see how you made the soft closing doors!!

  2. haha too funny Tim & Tina! Well done on taking blogging to the next level!
    My wife says you have a kitchen to die for and I have also been given the task of doing the magic with our drawers. Will definitely stay tuned for the next video blog. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Nice work guys!

    Looking forward to more details about the retrofitted soft close mechanisms ;) I'm keen to add them to our bathrooms after handover..

  4. We love your blog, by the way, your voice reminds my wife of a very handsome actor :) hahahaha so not to bad there ) Now I am charged with installing the soft drawing mechanisms once the house is done (sigh...) Thanks so much again Tim, great job always !!!
    Stewart & Mrs

  5. Hi guys,
    As much as I love to see what you are doing in your home, how about turning the camera around and showing your faces? oh come on... I dare you!!!keep up the interesting posts.

    Helen M

  6. Hey T&T,
    Your kitchen looks lovely...Noticed you had a cool sponge holder on the side of your kitchen sink...can you tell me where I can get something like that?



  7. Hi guys, thanks for all the comments :) Our door dampers are now available online at

    Helen: the internet is not yet ready to come with a full frontal shot of ourselves I think!

    S&E: the sponge holder can be found in the exotic aisles of BigW. All the products of Howard Storage World, Store etc at 1/4 of the price!


  8. Agree with Tim, the style n intelligence of someone can be felt without the face :) too much distraction etc....


  9. Hi Tim & Tina,

    Only just stumbled across your blog through a link from home one forum. Congrats on the lovely house and also a very informative blog!

    I wanted to ask you about the splashback in your kitchen. Is it actually a window or a splashback? Since moving in, do you find you have any issues with the stove being so close and all?
    And was it more expensive than a glass splashback?
    I had an idea similar to this in my head but good to see that someone has actually done it and it looks so good! But is it functional?


  10. Hi F; we have a window splashback, so we can see our neighbour's ugly brick wall. There is also a little bit of glass splashback on either side of the window. Heat from the stove doesn't seem to affect the glass at all (I guess or the builder wouldn't offer it). Really like the window here, can look outside while cooking, and we'll put some trees here eventually. Costs about as much as a glass splashback.




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