Sunday, October 24, 2010

so.... here it is - tim-and-tina's soft door closers now available!

phew, what a weekend! We ordered flooring (yay!) and a lounge (finally!), sealed the grout in the bathroom, but more importantly, took another video with another example of how the door dampers (soft closers) work, and how you install them!

Next video - an example of a door damper freshly installed in mum's kitchen, while she was still cooking!

Want one (or two, or fifty?) Go to our new website and check out the detail about our soft-closing door dampers there!



  1. Hi Tim

    You clever man! - I'll be one of your customers after I do a count of all of our drawers/cupboards etc! I wouldn't have a clue how many we need!

  2. Hi T&T, very helpful site, we have recently signed up with metricon also, why has your floor coverings gone in after handover, was it cheaper to organise carpets and fllors yourself?..Lee

  3. Hi guys,

    Just ordered 70 of those little gems :)

    Now all I need is for the house to be finished so I can install them!

    Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Tim,

    Just bought 100 from your other site, clicked and paid by PayPal but seems no return email/invoice as such ? that's ok I guess you will know anyways that I bought because as soon as I press the button "pay now" it's just it, no confirmation. Thanks again and will keep on looking for more stuff you research. Tiffany

  5. Lee: Everything is cheaper to organise yourself if possible!

    Shayne: Thanks for your order! Hope to rest of your home build goes well!

    Tiff: Thanks for your order too! I think the way it's set up at the moment (very basic I know) there's no order confirmation, but when I have time to redo the website then hopefully there will be order confirmation emails sent automatically. If you can suggest any other home goodies that are hard-to-find or overpriced here, I'll be more than happy to hunt them out and make them available!


  6. Tim,

    Got it in the mail today, super fast courier service :) we put on a few draws already and LUV it. Much appreciated and thanks again guys. Love your blog and good luck with the house. We find your blog one of the most comprehensive and wonderful to watch.


  7. I'm interested in your door dampers, but see the last comment here was 7 - 8 months ago. Are these still available? Cheers, Mark.

  8. Hey guys,

    I got Mum working on fitting the door dampers in our bathrooms and laundry over the long weekend - they work a treat :)


  9. Mark: Yes, our door dampers are available at, thanks!

    Shayne: Good to hear you've put our door dampers in - we're still enjoying ours!




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