Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flooring decisions - what colour and what to put on the ground floor?

So we had our carpet installed last week, and loving it - deep charcoal colour and feels great underfoot. Our main problem is still what to use on the ground floor? It'll have to be a timber-style flooring, but to use real wood, laminates, vinyl planks, bamboo...?

Whatever the actual material, the look of it will have to suit our house - grey neutrals. This dark charcoal/black timber look in the next picture is a pretty good indication of where we're heading.

The issue then becomes - is it too dark? The dangers here are that the dark floor will show every bit of fluff/lint etc. Maybe a lighter grey floor would be the way to go? This next pic is of brown toned floor but with plenty of grey tones in it. Quite nice!

We've been through plenty of chain-store commercial carpet places, you know the ones I'm talking about. Big thumbs down to the d!ckhead working at the carpet place on whitehorse rd near Adriatic - what's the point of acting like a snob and talking down rudely to your customers - reckon being arrogant will get you a sale? Give up your day job mate!

Anyway, if anyone can recommend some good places to check out varieties and prices on timber/laminate flooring in Melbourne's east, please comment below! Needing about 130sqm of the stuff just for the ground floor - anyone got that amount leftover they want to donate to us?



  1. Hey T&T,

    I have been reading your blog since the start and have become quiet addicted, so i think it is only fair that now i post a comment.

    Regarding the flooring my aunty installed dark chocolate black timber flooring and she swears by it she has two small children so she does need to sweep each day but she purchased a large swivel broom and it only takes her 5 minutes to sweep a large area, why she loves it is because it does not show any marks so she only needs to mop on a weekly basis on the other hand we have large concrete style tiles and they need mopping every second day.

    So in conclusion i would not totally disregard going dark timber.

  2. Yep, agree with Luke. We have 2 small babies and a mess of a house LOL. We are building with Metricon too and thinking of doing dark laminate. The reason we don't want to go wood as we have seen wooden floors are "softer" and easily scratched. With the amount of toys our kids play pulling, pushing on the floor it's just too expensive going wooden. We have been to the carpet call in Maribyrnong. The guy there is tough and can seem "rough" but he gave us a really good deal on a darkish laminate. It looks quite stylish too, we think we are going to love it.


  3. Hi Luke & JoAnne - thanks for your feedback. We don't have kids (yet) but will probably be picking a laminate, I'm hoping to pick it pretty soon as I'd love for it to be in before xmas!


  4. Tim, dont go for timber unless its the real deal, its the most important area of the whole house and flooting timber-laminate - bamboo etc... just looks cheap and wont last either. I'd say go for tiles, plenty of colors and they are durable.

  5. Saw your comments and love to add this, I love tiles too however, it can feel "cold" in winter. Unless you have heating under the floor, forget it. I have been living in "tiled" houses all my life and always have to wear socks/slippers to keep my feet warm. I do love laminate and think they look amazing for a fraction of a cost, comparing to wood, it's a whole lot more durable too. I would say, don't go bamboo T&T, the materials have been recently tested and there aren't many happy customers out there I can tell you.

    Ex-floor salesgirl,

  6. Great post! Those design looks perfect. Great selection of flooring colors. Thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to read more of your blogs.

  7. Hi Tim & Tina,

    I've been 'stalking' your blog since you started building - as we also started building at around the same time. :) Not only that, but our tastes are very similar.

    Anyway, we went with Bamboo & Timber Select, for 'Semi-Gloss Walnut Distressed Mosowood' (Walnut previously known as Flint). Anyway, the sales guys Matt & Tania were really nice, even driving out a sample for us to keep to our workplace (30-45 min away). I also tested (thoroughly) their 'stiletto' proof-ness and couldn't damage it!

    Price was fantastic - we were quoted 'best price' for the same product by PTF and were shocked by the $5k difference!

    Their website:

    Well Done on your house - and thanks for the great info.

    Dev & Ian

  8. Hi T & T,

    You look like your doing a great job at deciding materials and finishes.. laminate will look good but i I would recommend tiles too.. We are building too and we chose tiles in the end and don't regrete it yet.
    I know this is a bit off the topic but can anyone tell me what colour or stain Metricon used on their doors in Imperial home in balwyn. Its that dark greyish brown colour. Anyone know exactly? We love the colour but can't find a similar or exact color to do in our home. Please help us someone



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