Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home Theatre room: Fixed!

Spent the weekend repainting the HT room walls. First off, got a couple of sample pots from 3D Inspirations in Nunawading. Here's another great tip - if you want advice on paint, go to a paint shop (NOT Bunnings!!!) The paint shop knew exactly what I was on about with neutral greys, and had the whole Dulux Specifier colour chart there and gave great tips on colours to choose.

Anyway, on the left is Dulux Milton Moon (PG1F2) and on the right is Timeless Grey (PG1F4). A little too light, and a little too dark.

And the one I chose? Endless Dusk (PG1F3), exactly in-between the two colours above. The next pic shows the huge difference between Endless Dusk and Musing. However, decided to keep the ceiling Musing as it actually looks much better with the grey next to it on the walls. Also bought that step-ladder with folding paint shelf on it, very handy to have!

And the final result - much better! So the colours here are Musing on the ceiling, Endless Dusk on all walls, White-on-White trim, and Granite carpet. Just the look I was after - mid Grey with white contrast - classy but still modern.

Now if only I can get in touch with our SS to get the antenna sorted out - 2 weeks in and still no antenna connection = no TV reception!!!



  1. Looks great guys!! I just love the colour of that carpet too!!!
    I think the main problem you had was the lighting, it can always play tricks on chosen colours making them look like nothing you chose in the first place, so be careful with yellow lighting. Enjoy!!
    PS Any furniture purchases yet?
    Helen M

  2. *** Now if only I can get in touch with our SS to get the antenna sorted out - 2 weeks in and still no antenna connection = no TV reception!!!

    Tim, I can share with you something. Once the last payment is released, you will never get your SS, as he is no more your SS, as he is moved to other projects and it will take months to resolve your handover checklist points. That's what everyone makes this mistake where we comprise pending issues to get the home keys urgently.

  3. Hi Tim,

    First of all, we LOVE your blog !!!

    Can you please tell us if Metricon do any drainange/excavation work ? We are worried since our house is now being built and there are so much water around the house but when we complain to our SS, he says that because of the hardened soil (building materials sitting on it) and other excuses such as landfall (tiny slopy) that the water is building up into our house (from one side of our house) it's pretty terrible. It's like a mini lake. We can't see the reason why he can't flatten the soil and create a flat surface to eliminate this problem. Or at least check if drainage really works underground ? His excuses again are that he will leave site clean to the last minute ? but why ?

    Just a question, did they install anything for you for drainage other than the usual rainhead/downpiping connection stuff ? We follow your blog almost every week and seen your land is very well drained so we are so curious.] to how that happens ?

    Thanks so much guys for all the great blogs,


  4. Helen: No furniture yet - still don't have any flooring on ground floor, and that needs to be decided before furniture colours can be picked!

    anonymous: yep, sounds about right - metricon will handover a house with things to be done, promise to fix them, and never hear from them again, that's our experience so far.

    shane: hard to say what your site is like, plus there's been heaps of rain recently. We did have to pay for lots more drainage to our house like extra agg pipes etc.


  5. Sorry Tim, but you mean agg pipes as in those extra pipes around the house where your landscaper (if you later use one) will need to cut down and connect for your landscaping drainage ? We saw a few on our land after the slab poured, but they disappear now, either buried under hardened soil and broken bricks or just no where to be seen. We are so worried. Can you please let us know what they did for your drainage as we know zero about this stuff.

    Thanks a mill Tim

    Shane and Mary

  6. Good work Tim, sh*t loads better! Can't wait for a room like this of my own.

  7. Shane/Mary - probably best you get an independent inspector for your site, they'd give you the best advice on drainage issues


  8. Hi Tim and Tina,

    We have been watching and reading your blog for months and are really excited for you guys. Congratulations on your new home and hope you guys settle in nicely without any hiccups. We are about a month away from handover ourselves and have found your tips and other comments posted by people very useful. We are especially interested in the door dampers you are promoting. We live in Melbourne's North and was wondering whether we could buy 1 so we can trial it as it sounds to good to be true. Hubby could even cone out to pick it up directly if you like. ou can email me a response at elipetrone@dodo.com.au
    Good Luck Jenny and Eliseo



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