Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Evaporative cooling installed

Fortunately the rain and hail held off today, and the crew arrived at 8am to start work installing our evaporative cooling system.

There were 4 blokes on the job, and managed to get everything installed by midday. This is the Braemar 550 with 7 vents. The one thing about the Braemar is that the unit is simply a huge box - some other designs have a sloping lower edge so they sit a little closer to the roof. This makes them appear visually smaller - but has the side effect of being a tiny bit noisier too. Anyway, the shape of the box wasn't really a factor in choosing this unit, since we're not going to spend much time staring at it from the street. At least it's a matching colour (Slate Grey) to our roof tiles!

Still got a pile of old ruined fence sitting in the front - the fence guy injured his back and hasn't been back on our job for a week so far.

The end result - the boss was good enough to spend a bit of time discussing vent placement and where things should go for the best result, so I was happy for him to advise us. The main thing was that we want as much flow as possible down through the stairwell, and it's not necessary to have the main vent directly over the stairwell void. This is because this big evaporative unit pushes a huge amount of airflow into the house, so the main thing for whole-of-house cooling will be keeping the upstairs windows only a little bit open, all the upstairs doors open, and the downstairs windows wide open to get maximum air exchange.

So now we can bring on Melbourne's heatwaves without fear! The smaller bedrooms have a 12" duct, the master has a 14" and the ensuite a 10". The leisure area upstairs has a 16", and the stairwell void, a massive 18" duct. Getting some window blinds is the next priority. I rang the bloke today about the flooring from the last post - he said he'd call me back, never did. Anyone who's been following the blog knows how shitty I get about bad customer service...



  1. Hi there, just want to say thanks for a great blog. I'm just starting the process of tendering for a Metricon Liberty 38 with Rumpus room option in Sydney. Was looking for peoples reactions to building with Metricon and have been reading your blog from start to now for the past two days. I feel like I know whats ahead of me now. Anyway congratulations on a great looking house.

  2. Hi Tim&Tina,

    By the way, you have the most intelligent and stylish blog ever :) we love it.

    Just wondering how all your networking/cabling work when building with Metricon ? do they install these networking cables for you ? As we have no idea how these works, do we pay them at sitecosts then at handover we have to connect with these companies or Metricon does the connections/networking cables for us ?


  3. Hi guys - thanks for your comments :) Peter & Annie: when you do your electrical appointment, they'll go through networking with you then, and when you get your house everything is fitted off and ready for use then.


  4. Hi Tim and Tina,

    Can you please let us know how your evaporative cooling is going? We were considering getting it with metricon but would really like some points downstairs too. Do you find you get enough airflow to the bottom of the house to keep it cool during warm days? Metricon say they cant install points downstairs.

    Please email me on hughesey@gmail.com thanks :)


  5. Hi Michael - the evaporative cooling is great! Even on the lowest setting we feel a gentle breeze through the ground floor of the house. only the hoome theatre room gets a little stuffy, so I'm not quite sure how it'll hold up in a string of super hot summer days - may need a little split system in there.




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