Saturday, January 29, 2011

90 day service: Southern Star Windows

Had a trade from Southern Star Windows come around 7am yesterday - only about an hour earlier than expected! Anyway, nice bloke called Michael had a look at some of our issues.

  • Replaced faulty awning window winder in the home theatre (only opened halfway)
  • Replaced lock in balcony french doors (faulty)
  • New keys for laundry slider door (incorrect keys given)
All pretty simple stuff - good work done there! He also recommended occasional application of silicon spray to exposed chain winders, since dirt and dust will build up and cause "stickiness" otherwise. Ialso got an SMS from the Metricon service guy, he was meant to come yesterday as well but was sick, so I expect to get a call next week to reorganise that service.

Just got a couple of other outstanding items to be scheduled - antenna to be connected, hopefully sometime this millenium, and the garage roof to be repaired where the garage door service cracked the cornice & exposed unpainted ceiling.

We had 20 people over for dinner tonight for an early Chinese Year celebration, and all were pretty impressed with the house - and the evaporative cooling had no problem with the 31 degree day. Let's see how we go tomorrow with 40 degrees predicted!



  1. hi Tim and Tina

    i would be interested to know how the evaporative cooler goes in the extreme heat.

    ive enjoyed the blog - my wife and i have been looking at metricon designs for maybe building in a yr or 2, reading your blog has been a big help for me in figuring out the kind of checklist we would need before we even sit down and talk terms with M (were looking at a nolan 45)

    i especially like the tips ive picked up about saving some cash here and there

    enjoying your blog (especially all the after handover stuff we would need to do now)


  2. Hi Tim & Tina,

    My wife and I have been following your blog for months now. We are also building with Metricon at Brisbane, and the site work has just recently started. Thanks for sharing your ideas, it helped us a lot throughout the building process. Happy Chinese New Year~!!!



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