Wednesday, January 12, 2011

90 day inspection

Got a call yesterday to organise a house inspection today, to follow up on our 90 day service period which we submitted before xmas last year.

We didn't have all that many items to report - mainly the garage door which sticks a lot, incorrect keys for various doors, and of course my antenna which still isn't connected. Plus other things like sticking doors and windows.

Anyway, Mark went through all the items on our list, some things are too inconsequential to fix - we have a lot of tiny cosmetic cracks along windowsills and cornices, but they're part of the house settling. If windows were falling out, or cornices dropping on our heads, then it'd be an issue!

We got a call back from a company this afternoon who will come in next week to check the fitment our of data connections - basically when you try to plug in a network cable, the jack falls into the wall cavity, so they're not secured well enough. Hopefully the other trades required will get in touch with us this week while I'm still on holidays.

I've managed to procrastinate plenty and the deck hasn't even entered design phase - but at least I managed to complete Mass Effect 2, which is definitely my game of 2010. Been getting rid of various things on eBay as part of the moving process. Trying to figure out what kind of landscaping to do in the front yard - anyone have any suggestions for garden/landscaping supplies in Melbourne? Thinking of some king of rock/stone, surrounded by mulch/chipbark and various spiky planty things - whatever looks modern, neat and requires no maintenance is top of the list!

Also put up a few blinds - so far the minor bedrooms and laundry have Holland blinds, with dual Roman blinds in the sitting room. Had a pretty decent quote on custom blockout blinds for the home theatre and dual rollers for the master bed, so if we go ahead with that I'll let you know who to call.

Finally, I needed a spare wheel for my car and ended up buying 4. Smart, right? Anyway, if anyone has an Audi A4 B8 (current shape) and wants a spare, or to replace a curbed/scratched wheel, let me know - only $60 per wheel or $120 for all three. Audi dealer price is about $400 per wheel!


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