Friday, January 14, 2011

90 day service: Garage door fixed

Got a call this morning - Rob from Gliderol was in the area and was hoping to fix our door today - yes please!

Our main problem with the garage door is that it never worked smoothly - lots of grinding, metal-on-metal noises, and it would always get stuck halfway and near the bottom, stopping it from closing - super annoying.

Anyway, Rob quickly diagnosed 2 problems.

1) Tension on the springs too tight - easily fixed.
2) Motor and chain mechanism mounted incorrectly - bit harder to fix.

Basically the panel glide door moves up and down when a pulley/chain mechanism pulls/pushes the door up and down. It should be mounted securely at two places, but the original installers decided to mount one end loosely around some electrical conduit pipe, instead of 2 inches to the right on solid wood - see the picture below!

So of course the door mechanism wasn't securely, it kept moving about, and also cracked a lot of plaster where it was mounted through the cornice and around the pipe. Makes you wonder whether some of these trades use any grey matter at all! Wouldn't have been any more difficult to mount the door correctly in the first place.

Now the pipe protects some electrical cable which goes to a junction box mounted above the garage door externally, where we will eventually get dual floodlights fitted. So if you have any lights centrally mounted above your garage, make sure your garage door mechanism is mounted properly, and not onto conduit!!

Anyway I called Mark and informed him the plaster needs to be repaired and repainted - also here at the other end, where the motor also had to be shifted over to keep everything in line. Just a paint touchup required.

Finally, the last bit of advice I got was that the door needs to have a bit of lubrication in 3 months with WD40. These black tension springs need to be sprayed all along.

Also these rollers on the side need to be able to slide back and forth freely, so apply WD40 to the groove in the case holding the rollers in.

Final result? Now our garage door works like it should - quickly, quietly, without getting stuck and without all the vibration along the mechanism that was there before. Good result!

Data people are meant to come this Monday, and also got a call this morning from Southern Star regarding doors, windows and lock to be fixed, which is booked for Friday 28th. No word yet from the antenna people, and will have to find out when the plasterer can come in.

So far, 90 day service item fixing seems to be organised efficiently and quickly, with a good tradesman coming today for our garage door. Let's hope the rest of the checklist can be fixed equally well!


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