Friday, November 12, 2010

Unrelated: Why Micro$oft still sucks

So, finally moved our bigscreen plasma from mum's place into its rightful position in the family room, hook up the xbox360, and... nothing.

Well, not nothing, but lots of this:

Yep, the shining example of Microsoft product development and hardware testing. My 360 is rooted, and not for the first time - this problem came up a couple of years ago and I had it "repaired", and now it's happened again. Checking my xbox live account, turns out the warranty expired in Jan 2009, despite the repair being done within the warranty period.

No wonder I've hardly touched the 360 - I've also got a Playstation3 which is superior in pretty much every way - free online play, worldwide game compatibility, better interface, builtin wireless, Bluray, PlayTV, easily changeable hard drives. I'd be quite happy to burn the xbox360 except I've got a lot of Guitar Hero/Rock Band hardware on the 360 format, and with xmas at our place this year, all the cousins will want to rock on.

So, for all you people looking to buy a game console, STAY AWAY FROM THE 360! It's unreliable and you have to fork out more money each year for the assumed pleasure of online gaming. Buy a Playstation3, Wii, a pack of cards, a blackboard and chalk, some mouldy cheese, all these options will give you more gaming pleasure and will certainly last longer than any Microsoft product.

On that note, now that we've got broadband going again, I was in the market for a new computer, and it ain't going to be powered by Micro$h!t, that's for sure. And what am I going to do with my stuffed xbox360? Something I should've done a long time ago - I'll take it to a console specialist, get it repaired, and modchip it like mad so I can play all my *cough* "backed up" games. Yeah, that'll show 'em.



  1. LMAO Ohh soo true. 2 of my Xbox360 i had and they're both red ring of death!!! Sworn to my self never to touch another Microsoft product again.

    I totally agree about the PS3 being free to play online with your friends and Xbox360 you need to pay a Gold membership to play online.


  2. You can buy a x-clamp kit from eBay for about $15 which will fix the red ring of death issue. my 3rd xbox died a while ago and i only recently got around to fixing it with this and it's been great ever since. then you can modchip ;)

  3. Hi Tim,

    If you have the details of your tradies who do a good job please pass them on. BTW, your blog rocks and your home is soooo beautiful. Congrats.




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