Monday, November 22, 2010

Concrete finished

OK, so this was all done last Friday - the footpath and crossover concrete was poured, and the guys were back to expose the aggregate. Here you see a bloke with his high-pressure washer spraying off the top layer of the driveway.

And a close-up view - concrete still very dark with high water content.

Unfortunately the colour didn't stay as dark after the concrete had dried out - this is 4 days later. A bit of a pity as I liked the very dark look it had in the earlier photo!

After all the aggregate was exposed, the driveway was acid etched, sealed, and had expansion saw cuts made. Hopefully we'll be able to drive over the crossover tomorrow! Think I might get a quote on getting the remaining footpath replaced, as it looks pretty crappy next to the brand new concrete.



  1. Guys, I like the dark version of the driveway much better then the dry version could keep a hose on it I guess?

    Can I ask what the cost difference was for stamped concrete vs exposed aggregate?

    Cheers nick

  2. hey Tim, how's your evap cooling holding up in 32-34 degrees? is your upstairs cool enough in evening and night to sleep?

  3. Hi Guys, Use a sealer on the driveway it will bring the dark colour backup a bit and make the colour of the aggregate pop as well. Regards Charlie

  4. Hi everyone
    Is anyone else having a nightmare dealing with metricon at the moment? and if so have you found any way to get them to take your complaints seriously, rather than just fobbing you off. Tim and Tina, you guys had a dream build compared to us. I cant decide whether they are taking on too much work that they just havent got the resources for, or whether our site manager is just completely incompetent...

  5. Hi Guys
    Have to say Metricon have gone down hill in the last few weeks - service and not taking complaints about the quality . Anonymous where are you building?? It has been a little frustrating and the attention to detail is terrible. A lot of stupid mistakes! or lack of experienced trades.
    Feel your pain

  6. Hi Tim

    Quick question for you - can you cast your mind back to when the bathrooms were being tiled upstairs. Did they waterproof the flooring before starting the tiling. We have a few issues with the quality of the tiling and a lot are going to need to be pulled up- mostly due to them not being level. Also there is no waterproofing on the floor or WC. This doesn't appear to be in line with Australian standards. Just wanted to check if you had yours the waterproof treatment.

    Thanks for your help! House looking good - bet your glad to be in. cheers Rheanna

  7. Hi Nick: we didn't really get a quote on stamped, just the aggregate - agg is something like 80-100 per sqm?

    Anonymous: Evaporative cooling is great - the only room which gets warm is the home theatre room, furthest from the vents. Might have to get a little AC unit in there for summer.

    Rheanna: Waterproofing is only done in the shower base and around the bath hob, not the entire floor of the tiled rooms. Hope they relay your tiles level, otherwise your feet will get shredded on any raised edges!


  8. Hi Tim
    thanks - the problem with the waterproofing not to the entire floor of the upstairs is that it actually goes against the australian standards and therefore metricon are cutting corners on all homes. Australian Standards states that all bathroom horizontal flooring needs to be waterproof when on wood flooring.

    This can cause huge problems in years to come. We are going to fight it to get it done. And yes major problems with the tiles not level- already 5 have been ripped up!!! Not that happy with the quality of the tile laying.

    Anyway see how we go. Means they have to rip all tiles in bathrooms up!!! Between that and them damaging every wooden (expensive) door in the house 7 in total) not having a good week.


  9. Hi Guys, We are almost ready or handover but must say have had has so many delays and our fair share of tradies that don't seem to know what they are doing. We have gone through 6 supervisors in 9 months ..... unbelievable. we have now been told that we should have handover this Tuesday, having said that we have been promised dates before and it didn't happen. My advise those who are struggling with quality of workmanship and getting your house finished in a reasonable time frame is to go directly over your supervisors head. Thats what we did 3 weeks ago and sure enough we were given an absolute guarantee that our house would be ready by fri 26th Nov. we will be settling this tuesday ...(3days past their promise) but we are happy with that. The people I complained to was Adam Seagull's department, he his one of the big nobs and we spoke to his secretary in length about our concerns and later that afternoon a Wayne person called me(Regional Supervisors Boss) giving me his assurance that things will be finalized by the end of November. So it worked for us and certainly give it a go ... remember metricon's moto is 'Love where you live' for some it's more like a nightmare. Use this as one of your phrases when speaking to them .... forget your supervisor they come and go and to be quiet honest majority don't really care ... only when they get their butts kicked by management is when they seem to take you more seriously.
    Good luck j

  10. Hey Tim and Tina! I love your exposed aggregate concrete and I love the dark colour too! Thats the type of concrete I want but I have no idea where to get it in Sydney! Any ideas??

  11. Hi Tim

    You are my dream man :) what a sweet little present for Tina. Wish mine can think of something handy like that :) I have so many shoes and nowhere to store them. Perhaps I am a sister of Marcos ?




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