Thursday, November 18, 2010

Concreting day two

So at the end of Wednesday, we had the driveway all formed up, plus the concreting behind the garage plumbed in for two additional drains and formwork.

This morning, starting nice and early as usual, the rear concreting was done in about 90 minutes. It's a colour-through charcoal grey. Along the side near the fence is about a foot of land, will eventually get around to putting in some weed matting and probably white stones there.

Standing in the garage looking out of the house, this is the driveway. It will be an exposed aggregate, 80:20 mix of black and white stones. Because of the slight slope from the street to the garage, there's a stainless steel grate plumed into stormwater drainage. There's also a great big footprint you can see on the left side near the portico, but our concreter says not to worry - they'll be back tomorrow to wash off the top layer of concrete to expose the aggregate and that footprint will come off as well - sure hope so! Anyway, I also got a year older today, certainly doesn't have the excitement it used to when you were 18 to 21, but gots lots of concrete as a birthday present - quite happy with that!

Finally, a big chunk of footpath has been removed as well as the old original crossover. If the weather is kind tomorrow, we'll have the crossover formwork inspected by council and poured as well!

Also got a call from Bay Leather Republic saying our theatre recliner will be delivered on Saturday.... at 6:45am! Can always go back to bed after that.



  1. Happy Birthday to you...

    Your house is looking great, looking forward to what you are going to do with the landscaping.

    Can you please let me know what's the procedure is with the cross over? Went to the council & was told to call David, I thought we have to fill in forms & apply for permit?

  2. Looks great guys - cant wait to see the finished product :)

    I am still deliberating over what kind of driveway and path to get, really need to do some serious research into it soon - it will be time to decide before we know I I think.

    And Happy Birthday! I think all the concrete would be a good gift too :)

  3. Hi SSAZ; call David and he'll come out to measure and inspect for your crossover, and give you all the paperwork and forms at the same time. Pick a concrete conctractor, give them the forms and they'll get the permit paid for you etc.

    Shayne; we were going to get a plain concrete driveway but very glad we didn't as the exposed aggregate looks great! Probably not so good if you have kids that like to play on your driveway though, as the aggregate will not be kind for falls and scrapes.


  4. Thanks T&T, tried to call David few times & left messages but he didn't call me back. Will keep trying.

    Thinking of exposed aggregate but we have 2 kids under 6, probably have to reconsider it now.



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