Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kitchen: floating floor installation, and ADSL investigation

So after reporting to iinet on Friday night that my broadband wasn't working, I was called yesterday morning to schedule an appointment sometime today on my day off - the technician came around 10:30, tested the line and determined that there's a fault somewhere up the line. He called Telstra, and apparently it'll all be fixed up tomorrow! Kind of surprised to see how fast things are getting fixed - so far, big thumbs up to iinet for their customer support. Hoping to be on proper ADSL2+ by tomorrow night!

Spent the rest of the day preparing and laying the flooring in the kitchen. After removing all the plaster lumps and filling in holes in the slab, laid down the underlay/moisture barrier.

Few hours later, kitchen flooring is done. The only parts I'm leaving for later are the small gaps where I have to cut boards lengthways to slot them in, hoping to have them all fixed up this weekend.

Nice to finally have the concrete slab covered up, the amount of dust coming up all the time was driving us insane - couldn't keep anything clean!



  1. what did you use in the kitchen to hold down the flooring like the skirting is meant to? THanks

  2. Hi Terry - would you believe I've been procrastinating about the skirting for so long, it's still not done!

  3. Hi Tim & Tina, we are building a Metricon Cedar in Brisbane and have just had our Parador Laminate (which was included for us) laid. Unfortunately we weren't aware of the beading/scotia and are not very happy with it, particularly around our island bench, which has 2 waterfall edges and looks ridiculous! What did you guys do around the kitchen benches? I wish we had known this before as we would have paid for proper hardwood had we known or went with tiles to avoid this ugly scotia! Thanks, Rachel



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