Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Staining stairs, Day 3

For the final third day, Mark was working from 7:30 to about 3 filling in nail holes and other defects, resanding and applying the final coat of stain and tread.

Love the end result - a real feature in the centre of the house. Like a masterpiece of woodwork (which it is!) these stairs are functional, but also look incredible!

So if anyone wants the best quality result for your hardwood stairs, give Mark a call at Propolish Stairways (if you want a contact number, see the comments section below). Free plug for a great tradesman! One very important point about staining stairs - you get what you pay for. Anyone can say they sand and stain stairs, but without the proper preparation and attention to detail, you'll end up with a bad end product, which may not be able to be redone. And with about 17 hours of labour put into our stairs, very happy with the end result. Plus you will also want to have a certified product - we have certification that our stairs meet all safety standards for hardwood treads. Depending on your stair design, how much preparation is required, what the working environment is like, you could pay up to $2000 for a professional job like ours - so don't call Mark if you want a cheap result, but call him if you want a great result. No-one ever said building or finishing a house was cheap!



  1. Marks contact number: 0412802132 (Victoria only of course)


  2. These stairs are simply beautiful :)

    Happy for you ! We are thinking of doing our own driveway/footpath later on we found out Metricon does mark up a fair bit. So happy that you put these great tradies contacts up for us all. Greatly appreciate it guys.


  3. Hi Tim & Tina,

    Congratulations on your new home. My wife and I finished building our dream home through Metricon recently and moved in a couple of months ago. I have been keenly following your blog and was greatful to find Mark's number for the stairs. Mark came round and finished our stairs last week and did a fantastic job on them too. He is a true professional and a very reliable tradesman.

    Good luck with your new home and all there is still to do, it seems like a never ending project, so all the very best.




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