Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting ready for handover...

Organised for after handover.... driveway, stairs, carpet.

Not organised before handover... final cheque.

Though the T-shirt should really read "I HATE BUILDING SOCIETIES" because at the moment, it's Heritage Building Society letting us down. I think they recently revised their internet site, because when I logged on tonight to organise funds for the final cheque for our house, it says we have all of $0.00 available to withdraw - but on the main page it says we have 100% of our loan available. After being stuck on hold for 30 minutes, a nice young man admitted he couldn't figure out what was wrong, and someone will get back to me tomorrow.

Not good enough! Not only do we get to pay a big upfront application fee and ongoing monthly fees, but then we can't get access to our loan! Hasn't been a problem up to now (of course) so I'm back on the phone to them first thing tomorrow morning - and I'm not getting off the phone until the problem is fixed!

I should go to a branch and get it sorted, right? Easy - if they actually had any offices in Victoria *grumble grumble* stupid building society based in Queensland. So just a heads up to anyone thinking of a home loan or line of credit - forget these guys!


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  1. Yep, that's the difference with big banks and these smaller operators, the big banks rip you off but are easy to access, the smaller ones seem to offer a better deal...until something goes wrong, then you're on your own!!



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