Friday, September 17, 2010


And we have HANDOVER! The house is OURS!

We're far too tired to write the huge amount of text this entry really deserves, so for now, there's just this teaser picture - yes, we got a really nice keyring too! We'll update this post and add to it over the next few days.

Short summary: We swapped our final cheque for keys at 6:10, and over the next 5 hours worked madly to get enough basic things into the house so that we could spend tonight in our bed, in our house - no, in our home. We're tired, but it's worth it - we've been waiting about 16 months for this day, since we originally bought the old house that used to be on this plot of land!

Many thanks to our tireless site supervisor John A, who spent many hours day and night to get our house in tip-top condition for today. It really comes down to the tradespeople who build your house - the chippies, plumbers, sparkies, brickies and everyone else, and definitely your site supervisor who is in charge of it all. We appreciate all the hard work and personal attention you've put into our house, and we'll be enjoying it for the next few decades! Also huge thanks to Monique who managed the first half of the build and did a stellar job there too, Mendo who was probably the best CSC Metricon has ever had, and all the way back to Ainslee who we signed up with.

Thanks too to all the readers too who have followed us so far on our home building journey, we've appreciated all the comments left on the blog and also hope you've been entertained along the way. This isn't the end, just the beginning of the next phase - stay tuned for more details and pics from today, handover day!

Lots of love

Tim & Tina


  1. Congratulations guys! First night in your new home, how exciting. Can't wait to see the pic's. Enjoy the newness of the place. Our place feels so far away from finished so it's exciting to be living the anticipation of moving in through you guys. Looking forward to reading your point of view from now on, of now living in a Metricon home.


    Thats GREAT news! I cant wait to see pics and read more about it!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! We wish you many happy years there!!!!!!

  4. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC NEWS!!! Congratulations, it's all yours....all the hard work, sweat and tears is over, you now have your own little piece of paradise to enjoy together!!! maybe even start a family? wow so happy for you both,
    Helen M

  5. Congratulations !!!

    I used to read your blog everyday. Very informative. Thanks for sharing your build.

    Next few weeks would be tiring getting all the landscaping and furniture organised.

    Best Wishes.

  6. Congratulations guys! Job well done.

  7. Congratulations! Enjoy your beautiful house. Looking forward to seeing more photos. :)

  8. Guys, love your choice of color for doors stain, brick etc. It's absolutely beautiful ! great idea to upgrade the stairs too. Too bad some houses Metricon just doesn't allow the same upgrade. We are stuck with the boring "normal" stairs but upgraded to hardwood treads. You must be wrapped !!!


  9. Huge congratulations Tim and Tina, your house looks awesome and will just get better and better as things like the floors get done and you add some furnishings - Thanks for all of your shared experiences during the construction of your home, I for one have benefited greatly from them (Alex is inspecting our completed Frame tomorrow morning) - If you feel like putting yourself through the whole thing again, check out our blog at




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