Monday, September 20, 2010

Staining stairs, Day 1

Mark turned up at 7am this morning and unloaded his ute of tools, and apparently worked all the way through to 5pm! Our stairs are Vic Ash hardwood by Slattery & Acquroff, and today Mark did the sanding plus first coat of sealer.

What do you think? Modern but still elegant, and a great dark feature colour against the wall colour. There are some sealer runs on the walls, but with three coats to go, we'll see whether we need to repaint the walls. I think we'll keep the wall colour the same here, which doesn't distract from the feature stairs themselves.

Close up details of the hardwood treads - woooo love it! The colour so far isn't quite as dark as our front/rear door stains, but because the stairs are hidden in the centre of the house with no natural light hitting it, probably better not to go any darker than this current shade. Two coats of stain goes on tomorrow, and a final coat and seal on Wednesday, and we should be OK to walk on it Thursday.

Also got a call today from Metricon head office to see how handover went. I did mention our antenna isn't working, and they said to call our SS end of the week if he hasn't got in touch with us by then. Otherwise, very happy with how things went!



  1. Looking great guys! So are you camped out downstairs in the meantime? LOL

    Its interesting to note the differences between Metricon builds in VIC & NSW - I was told they don't do antennas here! Strange if you ask me!

    Looking really forward to more pics!

  2. Stain looks good!

    Shayne, we didn't need to have an antennae because of living in a Telstra Velocity neighbourhood - everything is Fibre Optic. But I think other neighbourhoods would still require it (from memory, The Ponds homes have them).

  3. I love your stairs! I'm jealous! They look stunning!

    It didn't even occur to me to ask about an antenna, I'm such a girl!! That will be a Richard job!

  4. Hi Tim,

    Did you have to ask for the antenna at extra costs ? Opps, we might have forgotten ours.



  5. Stefan, interesting! I asked about one and was simply told they don't do them as they can vary so much.

    I am fairly sure we will need one in our neighbourhood so its on the list for after handover..



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