Sunday, August 8, 2010

A sign for all trades to read!

Tina was driving around the other day and went past these two townhouses being built on a redeveloped block - looks like the Malvern with Kingston facade.

A lot of recent builds are having a new style sign out the front promoting the "old site, new beginning" - certainly within 5km of our area it seems there's a redevelopment on every street!

But this sign below should be standard issue for every building site!



  1. Wish we had a sign like that! Love it! We asked our builder if we could erect a sign to discourage the tradies from smoking inside our house after handover and they told us we couldnt! ARGH! Should have done it anyway!

  2. Hmm.. they wouldn't let you put a sign in "after" handover? We've had a few tradies smoking in the house (evidence is all the cigarette butts obviously!) but fortunately not too much of a problem, and certainly NO-ONE is smoking in our house when we take handover!

    Your place is looking great btw, furnishings look good :)


  3. Hi guys

    yes, that's a Malvern Kingston - we are currently at almost lock-up with our Malvern Chateau. Our colour scheme is very similar to this one. Like us they have done some mods - extended the living room by approx 2-3m (see rear right side of the house) and high windows to the master bedroom and bed 3(see second storey right side).

    Also thanks for the tip for Urban property inspections. Alex was great. Now to get my SS to implement all his recommendations before plastering!





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