Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Certificate of Occupancy ordered

According to myMetricon, our Certificate of Occupancy was ordered yesterday - yay!

What does this mean? It's one of the final steps before the house is complete and ready to live in, and should mean that plumbing, glazing, electrical, insulation, and termite protection is all installed & up to scratch (according to our council's website). Hopefully shouldn't be any difficulties in getting this Certificate, another thing to tick off the list!

Alsoo got a call from our local Council guy about our crossover - we want to put in a wide double crossover to match our double garage, so I'll meet with him next week, and hopefully someone else from the council who will tell us how much of the footpath needs replacing.

On another note, we saw Easy A this evening. Surprisingly very enjoyable - normally I only like movies with lots of shooting, explosions, fast & loud car chases, but despite lacking all these essential elements, Easy A was pretty good!

Though for some reason I can never figure out why all American high scoolers look about 27 and all seems to own cars, and have all the money in the world. Emma Stone is great as the lead character, Lisa Kudrow reprises her usual monodimensional acting, and Malcolm McDowell - the last movie I saw him in was Star Trek: Generations. Oh yeah, and Emma Stone is hot.


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