Monday, August 30, 2010

Completion - nearly there!

Got an update from our SS this afternoon, looks like the upcoming PCI and handover will be pushed back a week to allow the final finishing touches to be done. That's fine - we're happy with allowing more time to fix the various items our inspector identified. And it gives us more time to select and order some furniture - though it seems all the furniture places we're going to are quoting 8-12 weeks from placing a deposit to delivery!

Anyway yesterday we checked out the homemaker shops opposite Northlands - one in particular stood out from Focus On Furniture, called the Zurich.

It's definitely massive - at first we were thinking of just getting a 3 seater plus chaise for the family room, but this one would almost exactly fit the width of the family room wall. Imagine the far end with the seat backs with a window above it, and the chaise which is closer to the camera is near the kitchen... still hard to imagine! Also has some neat storage areas at either end of the lounge, and comes with the ottoman (but not the table). Price is about $5500 before negotiation and 10-12 weeks for delivery.

The next one we saw was at Harvey Norman, the "Dural".

Slightly smaller than the one above, similar kind of layout though. Price was originally $4600, then $3999, then $3750 after a 20% promo discount on the original price. Colours available not as good as the other sofa, and not quite as comfortable. About 8 weeks to delivery, but made in Oz.

I think we'll have to wait until we're in the house to measure everything up before commiting to a lounge, mainly so we can check dimensions and proportions properly. *sigh* we'll have to rely on old hand-me-down furniture for a few months more yet!

So, does anyone have any suggestions on other places we can visit to get ideas for sofas? We have some others on our visit-list including Frog Sofas, Nick Scali...



  1. Hey Guys, It most be so exciting to be so close to moving in. We were interested in booking your Inspection guy - just wondering how many and what stages you had the inspections done and what they charged you.
    Thanks, our frame is nearly complete and things are flying along - the whole process is so exciting!!

  2. We did pre-plaster and final inspection - however I'd advise getting a frame inspection done. Look up Urban Inspections (Alex), tell him Tim & Tina referred you - should be around $500 per inspection.




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