Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 252: Organising driveway and wider crossover

Met up with a couple of very friendly blokes from Whitehorse Council today - Alan who was reviewing the asset protection permit (checking for any damage to the footpath etc during the build) and David, who was in charge of assessing a wider crossover for our house. Anyway, the builders only damaged one additional footpath square (two were damaged during our demolition) and David has approved our full-width crossover - 4.8m to match our double garage opening!

I called up two concreters for quotes, and fortunately both turned up today (same day service!) to measure things up. Hopefully will get their quotes in the next few days and book one in.

Our SS and construction manager were also at the house today just checking on progress, and things are looking good for completion and handover.... soon! If we're lucky, the concreters may even be able to fit in our driveway and crossover just before handover, which will make moving in much easier and less messy. Our construction manager said that as long as they contacted our SS to arrange a day to do the driveway (and protect the garage door from damage) then we should be allowed to do this work before handover - very accommodating!

Now the main decision to make is what kind of driveway? Maybe a plain and simple coloured driveway in charcoal, or (as one of the concreters recommended) exposed aggregate? Opinions anyone?

Haven't been to the house for about a week, but it looks like some external painting has been done - our meter box is now Woodland Grey to match our downpipes, and sealed all around. Looks good!

And speaking of downpipes, the painters have also painted the stormwater connections at the bottom of the downpipes - nice! I think normally they are left unpainted, so it's nice to see the painters going the extra mile to touch that up - one less thing for us to do after handover.

Our SS says that someone is working on getting our powder room exhaust externally ducted (since there are no opening windows in that room); looking at the wall we can see a couple of bricks removed in preparation for the wall vent.

And finally, as he was leaving, John threw me a little present...

Pretty funny! Will come in useful one day when in the garden trying to destroy the army of weeds that have taken over the backyard.



  1. Go the exposed !! More expensive but much better result, will finish your house off nicely!
    Good luck with handover.

  2. Hi Tim & Tina
    We really like the brick. What they called?


  3. Rheanna: Think you're right, had a look at a few exposed agg driveways and they suit modern houses quite well!

    Arya: Thanks - we like the brick too! It's Austral Hawthorn.


  4. Hi T & T

    We are looking at the driveway ourselves at the moment and have been told that exposed ag can be damaged/stain easily and that our alternative, Stencilled is better done as a plain concrete first and then the stencil put on afterwards. It apparently creates a better "hold" and coverage.

  5. Looking for all these things can be fun but tiring too, we are 3 months away from hand over and it's like every weekend at the trade shops for something. I hope that we can just move into a house completely done and perfect but it's not in reality. The upside is that we can choose ourselves tradies/products and save some extra $$ instead of paying Metricon do it for us. The downside is that it's time consuming and extra headache of arranging everything ourselves. Oh well, hope the end results pays off. Good luck Tim & Tina,


  6. Hi Tim and Tina, gorgeous house you've got there! I know it's been a while, but do you remember how much you've got quoted from the concreter to get your crossover widen to full width? Also to get this done, do you need any planning permit with council apart from the asset protection? Thank you! -Jascha-

  7. Thanks jascha, cant remember prices as it was 5 years ago, but you do need council approval for a wide crossover. I find its easily worth the cost, as it makes getting in and out of the driveway incredibly easy.



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