Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Settlement today!

Well, I got a call from my lawyer at 1:45, everything went through smoothly! Picked up the keys from the agent and drove down in my lunch hour to have a look - Tina had a quiet afternoon so she came by as well.

Phew, this place kinda smells... and looks like the original 50 year old carpets worn to the floor as well! Left all the windows open to get some fresh air in, and will buy every cleaning product and anti-smelly-spray known to man to spray it tomorrow. Gas and electricity are due to be connected tomorrow too.

Here's a preliminary pic of the place...

Approx 15.3m frontage allows us to squeeze the Nolan 41 on, and providing we build the garage right up to the boundary, we're 19cm away from the easement - just!

And by the way - this house is for sale - price, ZERO dollars! You can have the house for free providing the block is totally cleared and levelled after removal. Contact me for details!

Also got a call from Metricon's finance person, and will be seeing him after our walkthrough in a few weeks. Funnily enough we haven't even spoken to anyone about borrowing some money for this new house... erm, probably should do that pretty soon! Will organise a few other calls to brokers and banks too I guess.

This Sunday as well, managed to get a tour of the Metricon Studio M, their name for the place to choose all your colours... yup, all of them - from bricks & mortar, to tiles & toilets, roofs and rails. Apparently it takes a whole day, so we're going to have an early sneek peek to see what it's like and suss out what the standard selections are like, and what we're going to have to pay more for...


  1. Hi Tim and Tina,
    Are you still interested in relocating the "old house" when you are finished the build?
    Can we discuss further?

  2. Hi Julie... well, in order to start the build the house is going to go - we've got a demolition organised for arond end of October. If you reckon you can organise all the paperwork to get the house gone by then, by all means send me an email - slknv@hotmail.com. Tim

  3. Hello Tim,

    Just wondering if the demolition costs as part of what you paid to Metricon or they are additional?

  4. Demolition is something you pay for, so shop around :)




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