Sunday, June 21, 2009

A busy Sunday - Studio M and a professional builder's opinion

Busy, busy day - again! I don't reckon we'll get a weekend to ourselves for another year at least!

Went to Studio M today on a tour. I thought it'd be bigger... they did have a selection of bricks, tiles, kitchens etc, but not a fully comprehensive selection. For example, to see all the tiles available you have to go to Beaumont Tiles in Oakleigh. Or look up a full range of kitchen sinks from the manufacturer's website.

Anyway, we spent about an hour and a half on the tour and browsing. Quite a bit from the standard selection was acceptable, though I can see us pretty much upgrading a lot of things. Bigger/better cornices, skirting, architraves, powerpoints, roofs, bricks etc etc.

After that, went to Bourke St Camberwell for a bit of window shopping and overpriced coffee and chocolate based drinks ($10.50 for a mocha and hot chocolate anyone?) before meeting my uncle for an opinion on things so far. My uncle is a custom builder around Melbourne, but generally only high-end projects. He just moved into his own house a couple of weeks ago, 60squares! Got blown away by some of the details - 5 times as much carpet as the average townhouse, four times as much timber, 130 (one hundred and thirty!) truckloads of excavated soil (for the four car underground garage of course), anyway it goes on and on. Got some great advice regarding the Metricon standard quote, inclusions and options. For example, pine is better than hardwood for the frame, eaves are great (as is a Colourbond roof) and other little details too - much appreciated!

Anyway, so far so good for this weekend. Didn't move in as planned, but that's because the house is still unlivable. We've picked up about 7 pots of mismatched paint from our parents, which we'll use to pretty up at least the main bedroom during this week before maybe moving our little bar fridge in next weekend.

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