Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Facade change of heart: From Kingston (Contemporary) to Chateau!

So, we were revising some things on Sunday night, and realised that although we've put many hours into internal options, we sort of just picked the Kingston facade at the first initial appointment with Ainslee. The interesting thing is, in my Metricon big book of plans - I think they put the wrong picture of the facade in. And on their website, the "Kingston" isn't even pictured - but the "Contemporary" is, and it looks the same.

All too confusing? Here's a pic for you;

The lower image is the Kingston (or what is probably now called Contemporary). Remember that the displayed image in the brochures is almost never what you'll actually get - all rendering is OPTIONAL. So, you'd have a brick facade, brick balcony, brick garage. Though in the promotion we've opted for, a feature front render is included which means the balcony projection is rendered.

However, we've decided to change to the Chateau facade pictured on top. It features a weatherboard cladding feature to the facade 1st floor, brick ground and rest of house, and a rendered balcony - so our house should look almost exactly as displayed in the picture!

Of course, all facades incur a cost, and the Chateau base price in 41 squares is $285,200. The Kingston was $283,000, so it's a relatively small $2,200 increase - but gives a much better street view! And for comparison, the cheapest facade is the Traditional at $274,700 - but it looks pretty bland and unattractive.

Ainslee also sent us the Chateau floorplan (the master is slightly larger due to the central projection, which is nice to know) and internally (apart from that) it's virtually identical to the Kingston. The only further change I think I'll bring up with Tina is maybe an additional door to the powder room.

Stay tuned - in the next update I hope to upload a pic of the basic floorplan, then after a bit of photoshopping, mark up all the internal changes we're planning to include!

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