Sunday, June 28, 2009

Metricon - Deposit paid!

Went back to Marriot Waters today for a walkthrough of their Nolan 45. Of course, this house has about $200,000 in options above the standard price - how else would it look this good!

Most of the walkthrough we spent in the kitchen, trying to figure out options here - huge island bench with 100mm stone edges? Tower cabinets? Gloss doors or not? Anyway, over the last month or so we've tied down the major changes to be made.

So, after the walkthrough we got a revised quote - I guess the real unpleasantness was the fact that since we're redeveloping a site, we'll probably have a "P" classification, which in house building terms means "most expensive, Probably". Without more information from the site itself, a basic estimate of $30,000 for site costs is what we're bracing for - wow!

Anyway, paid the $1000 deposit to get the soil samples and site survey done, then went to Metricon's display in Berwick to check out some more display homes to see what standard looks like. They actually had a few standard options on show - the normal L-shape bench is actually pretty good in the kitchen, so we might save ourselves $8500 by not going for the larger island bench! The real hard part is sorting out what colours to put in, so Tina snuck out her camera to snap everything in sight.

Tomorrow we're off to the Home Building & Reno show in the city, to maybe get some ideas.

Oh yeah - Friday night we painted the master room in the old house - wow, it's almost livable now!

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  1. Hi Tim
    We'll follow your blog with interest as we are building a Nolan 41 too - perhaps we should swap notes!
    My email is
    We're off to Studio M ourselves this afternoon, although I take your point about beaumont tiles



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