Thursday, November 19, 2009

OMG! LOOK what happened to our beautiful house!

So, turned up to do the daily driveby of the house, and amazed to see this sitting where our living room room used to be:


Can't say how excited we were to see the house reduced to rubble. Had enough of the lime green and peach walls, outdoors dunny, lime green cupboards, asbestos garage and wooden bathroom (not to mention yellow kitchen)!

And a special cheers to Anthony & his wife - what a bizarre way to meet our neighbours (through Google!) We'll catch up with you guys sometime to try and help you on your build - what an experience!

Apparently the big Tonka Toy in the pic above was delivered in the late afternoon (5:30 or so?) and had finished devouring the house in about 30 minutes! Wish we were there to see it, but I was told the other day it wouldn't start until tomorrow. Oh well - the sooner the better I say, as we're already a week overdue.

Still remaining to be done is the removal of the garage wooden skeleton, all the vegatation front and back, as well as the brick pavers at the back and the concrete "driveway" along the fenceline, so I expect more activity tomorrow and Monday. I bought Tina a new ipod nano, so maybe we'll even get some video of things happening (at very low resolution!)

As soon as the demo is fully finished, we have to get our CSC to book in the resurvey asap.

And a closing note, thanks to everyone who have left positive comments on our blog, saying how things have been helpful or informative. It takes quite a bit of effort to maintain a detailed blog, but we're glad to see it being of help to people - thanks for your feedback! If anyone would like any more specific information or details, leave a comment anywhere on the blog and if it's not an unreasonable request, we're quite happy to try and help you out.



  1. Is that really the whole house? It looks so tiny all flat! Very exciting for you. Good luck with the site re survey. :)

  2. It was a small house, and all weatherboard, so doesn't look like much! What I don't like is that it took 30 mins to smash the old house down, but maybe a year to build a new one!

  3. Hi Tina & Tim
    We stumbled across your blog while scanning the net about Metricon and the Nolan 45 we are planning to build at University Hill in Bundoora. And guess what, we only live a few streets away from your grand demolition site!!! How has your experience gone so far with Metricon (we have a bit of back reading to do with your blog!). Are we correct in assuming to add around 100K to the base price of the home. Thanks and congratulations on your progress and future home!



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