Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Empty site; resurvey complete already!

Finally, a weekday off, the first in quite a while!

Took the opportunity to head down to the site before lunch, and found there were already a couple of surveyors there doing the resurvey of the block. You can see them as tiny specks in the photo below, if you look hard enough! Apparently they'll send through the results to M this afternoon or tomorrow, and asap after that we'll be getting a survey for the slab!

I took a shovel to have a chop through the soil, most of it was pretty clay-like from the huge dumps of rain over the weekend. Where the old driveway used to be on the left, still lots of gravel and hard clay, but no concrete left - good work demo boys!

Also managed to get a fence contractor out to meet on site after lunch, and his team will remove about 10m of fence along the left so the garage can be built alongside. He recommended just leaving the fence off rather than replacing it afterwards, so I'll have to get in touch with the landlord to get their opinion. Also need the very back corner fence replaced, as the neighbour has had 40 years worth of ivy grow through the fence and it's just ruined - if I'd known it'd need to be replaced I would have had the demolition crew chop it down and take it away as well! Oh well.

Anyway, the fence will be done tomorrow, and I can let the CSC know the prestart survey can go ahead. We also got a revised tile quote, as somewhere along the looong line of contracts and drawings there was a tiling error to the ensuite - looks like we save $1000 somewhere!

Went to the council as well, to arrange a reinspection of the site now the demolition has been completed - hopefully can get my $1000 bond back as well. Looks like the footpath has been cracked in a couple of areas, but it's up to the demolition crew to rectify this - though I'm not sure when it should be done, seeing as there will be construction for the next year or so which will probably cause further cracks in the footpath.

Fingers crossed we may get some initial work done on the site in the next 2 weeks or so!



  1. I sit here with a laptop and a cosy spot, and I check for any progress on your build. Enjoying it immensely. I'm looking for kitchen tiles for our reno at the moment. Pain in the ___. So many to choose from.

  2. Hi Tim and Tina

    Thanks for the blog, I'm building a Metricon Malvern dual occ home (but only one) in Chadstone and have enjoyed following your progress.

    You mentioned in a previous entry that you wouldn't mention the demo guy's name until you were happy with the result. Are you happy? You mentioned under $10k, but all my quotes so for are over $10k - so I'd be really interested!



  3. Hi Anonymous - thanks for your comment! Tiles are hard to choose, and you have to live with them a long time, so take your time to get what you like!

    Julian - Still too early to say whether we're happy; we'll know once site start has occured whether any remaining bits of the house etc are still present to interfere with the build. Stay tuned, we'll give a final verdict on demolition in the next few weeks!




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