Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 1 of demolition!

The demo company said they would start this week, but didn't say whether it would be Monday or Friday or any day in between. As it turns out, they did start on wrecking the house today!
From Tim & Tina's build: Metricon Nolan 41 in Melbourne

This is probably the first hint you shouldn't go beyond this fence. I did want to go in to check out what they'd done, but I'd rather live a few more years!

From Tim & Tina's build: Metricon Nolan 41 in Melbourne
And really, I think all they did today (in 34 degree heat!) was to pull down the roof and walls of the shed at the back, which is where all the asbestos was. Looks like they also pulled down a couple of downpipes and hacked away at the weatherboard around the windows too.

Anyway, I've sent an email to the demo guy to find out when they will finish, as M want to get a resurvey done prior to site start.

And I've finally managed to get a tradesman out (tomorrow, anyway) to give us a quote on pulling down a bit of the side fence, then replacing it.

Finally, called our lender this morning regarding paperwork we sent them 3 weeks ago. Apparently they requested further info in a letter we never received. After calling my broker, turns out the idiots at the bank had decided to change our postcode, meaning the letters they sent us, we never received! So settlement of the loan still hasn't occurred... and banks wonder why people don't like them much... thankfully we still have plenty of time to get the loan sorted out, but in many cases the builder will charge you a penalty for every week or day you delay site start. Could have been costly for us, and do you think the bank would reimburse any costs incurred as a result of their f#ckup? Not damn likely!



  1. Hi guys.... great reading!!! do you mind if i ask how much you paid to get your house demolished?
    We are building a Metricon house (Chelsea 37) and need to demolish a similar house to your old one. thanks

  2. Our neighbours are building a Chelsea 37 too - fantastic floorplan, it'd be our choice as well if our land was large enough to fit it! Demo is about $10k, we got a few quotes and they were all about the same amount.

  3. Hi Tim, we're going to build with Simonds in Box Hill North, would you mind telling us which demolishing company you contracted with as our SC told us it would be easier to get the demolishing permit approved by the council if we use a contractor who had previously applied for such permit?
    Many thanks,



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