Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Final contracts - SIGNED! Now we're really on the way!

So we had our contract signing appointment this morning, it went quite smoothly, to be honest!

Of the big email we sent on the weekend, pretty much everything has been addressed.
  • Cat 4 bricks to whole house - done (additional $1000 or so as they only quoted to sides & rear before)
  • Changed to the biggest Clark double undermount sink (the Razor series, which for some reason doesn't work on their website properly) - done, and was cheaper by $100 than the ePure series sink!
  • Chose different trilock door to internal access - done
  • All the minor drafting errors - to be corrected by construction drawings
  • Electrical plan - hopefully coming this week or next.
The only thing was that with our fancy cantilevered stairs, there's not much room under the stairs where I had planned to stick the TV splitter, patch panel, modem etc, so we've got rid of that idea and stuck everything up in the walk-in linen cupboard. Paid up our 5% deposit less the $4000 paid to this point.

Now all we have to do is send in our signed loan documents (we were meant to have them last week, but still nothing, so I'll have to give our broker another nudge to find out what's happening), and sort out the demolition. The evaporative cooling is being removed this Friday and hopefully installed in my parents house on Monday, and I think I can get all the remaining furniture out in one day, as there's not much left.

And as for the fine details, estimated days for completion is about 370, so we're hoping to be in by xmas 2010!



  1. Hi,
    Been following your "Blog". All exciting, we are building with M in NSW. Our plans are in council at the moment.
    You say estimated time for completion 370 days????where did this come from, our contract for a double storey is 37 weeks....I will not be happy is I am not in by Next July......
    Love what you have picked and will keep an eye on your progress.......
    Cheers, Kym

  2. Hi Kym

    Time for completion is a lot different as M is victoria's biggest builder for decades, but have only just started in NSW. So there's probably a lot less M homes being built in NSW which is why 37 weeks is your time. Most other people I've talked to in Vic building 2 storeys are approx 350+ days, so when we were told 370 days it wasn't really a shock. Even so, our CSC reckons if all goes well, we could be in 90 days earlier than that! T&T



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