Friday, October 9, 2009

Final contract received - post contract variations?

Our CSC called me this afternoon to let me know the final contract was going to be emailed out soon (we had it by 5pm), the only issue is that our electrical plan isn't done. This is because we only did the electrical appointment 10 days ago, and they're taking their time getting the drawings done - but she said we can just add it on as a variation after the contract is signed - how does this sound to everyone?

Otherwise, the contract and drawings were done pretty well with only a couple of issues to address, such as;
  • We want Cat4 bricks to the whole house - in the contract, we've only got Cat4 bricks to sides & rear. Wonder what can be put on the facade, if not bricks?
  • 2365 framed mirror doors on plans are marked down as only 2065mm high
And for a few very minor issues, the glass splashback is smaller than we thought (200mm high instead of full height) - since we have a big window splashback it's not a big deal, but we'll ask about it. Also, we added in at late notice a trilock handle to the internal access foor from the garage, but it's a knob instead of lever, and it might be better as a lever to match the other door handles.

One nice thing is that we asked for an additional rainfall showerhead to the ensuite, and we ended up with 2 rail showers and a rainfall showerhead - it looks excellent on the plans, can't wait to get using it... in 15 months or so, or however long it'll take to build!

I guess the main thing on this final contract, provided our CSC says our electrical plan goes through as a normal post-contract variation (with no further penalty fees to pay, since it's not our fault they haven't got the electrical plans drawn up properly) then we're pretty much set to go for contract signing on Tuesday.

Just got to prepare payment of 5% less the $4000 already paid (I wish they took amex, all them credit card points would be worth something)! So, bring my chequebook, copies of bank statements as proof of funds for half the build, call my demo guy to get a copy of demo permit for M, and a big fat pen to sign a thousand pages. We were meant to receive our finance approval today, but it hasn't come through yet - if it doesn't come on Monday, I'll call our broker again to get a hurry up!

And drove by the old house a few days ago, the overhead power line has been cut, so just the gas service line to be removed, and evaporative cooling to be relocated.

If anyone has any comments on how to approach final contract signing please let us know!!



  1. Hi T&T!

    We signed with Metricon back in August 2009. At the time we had done NO selections at all. So my experience is that PCVs are no problem, but you have to verify them precisely - the colour selections in particular have plenty of errors, being the most complex part.

    The only issue I have with the PCVs is I have yet to see a drawing of some of the changes we've made. I've made it abundantly clear what we want, but until I see it I'm not going to believe it.

    We have not even paid the deposit yet, despite signing back in August. And we haven't gotten final finance approval because the bank wanted all the PCVs first). I was assured that as long as we don't deliberately delay things and that we stay in contact, there is no rush to finalize finance, and any penalty clauses will not be invoked.


  2. Hi Tim and Tina, we have the same feature window in our kitchen and they changed our splashback height to match for no additional charge-looks a lot better. Ours was also originally drawn as a much smaller one. Good Luck with contract signing-make sure you triple check all the drawings-ours were wrong again and again, even when I told them something was drawn wrong they would send us another one that was also drawn wrong. Deb (jspitz)

  3. Brian: interesting you can sign contracts without any deposit - is this for a H&L package? As for changes, our CSC often did sketches on the plan on pen, which usually translated quite well onto the final drawings.

    deb - thanks for advice regarding splashback. We checked the standard plans for our house and it shows a full height splashback, so we should be able to fix that. it's actually not a very big area because of the large window splashback, but still might as well get a big splashback!


  4. Hi Tim and Tina,

    We are also building a Nolan with metricon and had the same thing about bricks on our contract. If you upgrade, they only upgrade the sides and back. You have to pay extra for the front of the house or they automatically use cat 1 bricks!!!!!




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